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i collect anything and every thing.


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R M S QUEEN MARY - Toysin Toys
R M S QUEEN MARY - Toysin Toys
jeep with driver - Toysin Toys
sports roads racing bycke - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
old pocket watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
butchers scabbard/ pouch - Kitchenin Kitchen
Bear wood carving - Folk Artin Folk Art
1936 newspaper Queen mary - Paperin Paper
motorbike gearbox - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles


  1. thanks RonM I am just getting out of min after cruising around the lagoon.
  2. thanks trunkman
  3. Hi I work on her for 7 years in the 1950s as a first and cabin class waiter, I will be visiting her this year in July.
  4. yes racer 4four im inside to drive it, it has a electric outboard motor in it.
  5. thanks RonM
  6. thanks for your comments I am making a big one now over 20 ft long.
  7. thanks Aimathena.
  8. thank you izenglish
  9. I have the golden rivet of the R M S QUEEN MARY.
  10. I have one like that but it is a two wheeler all forge made.
  11. I have that kind of post card I worked on her for 7 years in the 1950s.
  12. Thanks Virginia vintage.
  13. I had a lot of things of my father's glass slid cameras banjos and lot more but when I left home at 15 years old my stepfarther gave them all away to his relations.
  14. it was 60 years ago when I played it last on the QUEEN MARY but I visited her this year and they let me play it again in the mast.
  15. I have a set of 4 of them different sizes I use to play them in a schiphol group when I work on the QUEEN MARY, i even played it in the crows nest and in the mast great sound effects.
  16. it is for pulling nails out which are below the serfis I have one.
  17. im still trying to find out anything about this trunk I have 3 of them.
  18. thanks riply206 I must dig it out again and have a look.
  19. what is the derailleur I don't understand is it a part of the bicycle.
  20. I still have one in the shed but I haven't used it for years.
  21. thanks aghcollect
  22. yes she survived then moved to the south of England near Portsmouth, so they stop bombing Manchester and started bombing Portsmouth she survived that to I was only 5 years old then.
  23. thanks ho2cultcha & tom61375.
  24. both and also the handle to carry it with.
  25. it is used for locking a soldiers or sailors kitbag.
  26. thanks fhrjr2 Intend to give it legs and a belly.
  27. thanks Aimathena
  28. thanks Aimathena
  29. thanks racer4four good info.
  30. thanks I will take more photos later.
  31. thanks Aimathena im hoping to start a big model of the R M S QUEEN MARY about 16ft long.
  32. I have one with a child asleep on it back.
  33. I pressed the wrong one that says no emails by mistake how can I reverse it.
  34. Im also a Tasmanian devil and I have a lot of tins I even have the tin that rintin tin did it in.
  35. I think it is for hanging sheeps carcass.
  36. thanks manikin
  37. still trying to find out anything about this fan, i was told it was like the ones on the R M S QUEEN MARY.
  38. I prefer the live ones I have had 3 of them.
  39. Hi inky I don't know.
  40. thanks ticktocktime the clock keeps saying your name ticktock ticktock is it of any value.
  41. I have one and I would like to know more about it.
  42. I keep mine at the back door ready for the bushfires when they come. I see you are interested in painting well I just put one on this site.
  43. I have a couple of them they are for fire fighting they are called stirrup pumps.
  44. is there anyone that knows how old this is.
  45. thanks bratjdd & blunderbuss2.
  46. I have about 10 of them some much older than yours I don't think they are of any value.
  47. hi I make cars boats and planes out of coca cola cans.
  48. I have 3 of them made in Canada by eskimos I would like to know if they are of any value.
  49. thanks tubeamp & fhrjr2,i haven't got them on my gas and kerosene lamps ha ha ha.
  50. thanks tubeamp but what does it do or how do you use it.
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My favotite pen caddy