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Not much to say, I am just an average guy! I own a 1984 FLH-X


Eagle 'N' Hitch - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
German Helmet - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Harley Davidson #1 (number one) patch - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
1984 Harley Davidson Electra-glide Special Edition RARE FLHX - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles


  1. I have the foot pad off of the frame and foot pegs mounted to the Highway bars. I can sent you an e-mail picture if you would like. What is your e-mail address.
  2. I got insurance with Progressive... I pay less than $100 per year. I also set the "reimbursement" value I expect if it is totaled out.... Lord willing I'll never need to use insurance. My rates are f...
  3. I can do as you request about the e-mail address. I don't mind leaving relevant information for other readers on this site.... I was only tyring to get rid of some minor chit chat.... just to keep the...
  4. Yes..... I have been removing non pertinent conversation material as this is not actually a blog site. I wish to retain information others may find useful, while removing unnecessary commentary.
  5. No, I am not an expert. The round thing looks like it could be a front fork axle cap and the emblem was possibly off of a hard bag? I don't have them on my bike.
  6. I agree..... My FLHX has parts that I've just not been able to find. Though I am not missing anything other than a few bolts, there are a couple of decorative items I had to refurbish rather than repl...
  7. Toad, I am glad (yes actually) to see you back. I recently completed a major electrical over-haul that you or other FLH owners may find helpful (See 29 June 2012 updates above). Being that this is my...
  8. UPDATES 29 June 2012 ( see above): Stator replacement - a major over-haul “Patriot Guard Riders” (PGR); Please show your support for our troops and join us.
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Yo Toad_an FLH-X 84 flhx German Helmet Harley Davidson #1 (number one) patch 1984 Harley Davidson Electra-glide Special Edition RARE FLHX 1974 H/D Electraglide


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