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waxhead refers to my passion for collecting vinyl records,but I also have other collecting interest,like world currency and comic books.


Oldies collection - Recordsin Records
jimi hendrix angel/1983   - Recordsin Records
Just 4 of my 45's collection - Recordsin Records


  1. Cool u got the OG pressing I have a reissue but I also have 3 of her 45's and two more on the 20th century label.
  2. I have a few of the crickets on Brunswick but their like reissue or repro
  3. I just got this record while out of town.
  4. WOW! wish I could find Sun records here for a buck.
  5. @musikchoo Thanks! It's one of my favorites.
  6. @recordmannj As much as I would like to have the original I might have to pass if it cost too much.
  7. WOW!! a signed copy? That would be the star of my collection.That would be great to see.Thanks for liking my pics.
  8. I have only one record like that.It's by the penguins with earth angel and hey senorita.
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posted 3 days ago