Barbie Brings in Bucks, Gets New Career

By Ben

February 12th, 2010

A few weeks ago, we blogged about a Barbie benefit on eBay, in which a dozen one-of-a-kind Basic Barbies were accessorized by some of the top fashion-accessories designers in the world. Proceeds went to the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s educational initiatives and scholarship program.

Four dolls broke the thousand-dollar mark. Lorraine Schwartz’s Barbie, featuring real diamonds, achieved the highest bid, selling for $7,500. Deborah Lloyd of Kate Spade created a pink bag for her doll, as well as a Lady Marmalade costume jewelry necklace. That went for $1,625. Betsey Johnson’s Barbie was encircled by an enormous see-through hoop skirt and donned a sequined, devil-horn hat. Final price was $1,202. And Devi Kroell’s doll carried a fuchsia purse and wore over-the-knee, open-toe, stiletto boots. She sold for $1,075.

That was last week. This week’s Barbie news is the announcement that the doll’s next career (she’s had 125) will be as a computer engineer (available in November, 2010). Described by Mattel as geek chic, the doll’s outfit features a binary-code t-shirt and black knit slacks. Accessories include a Bluetooth earpiece, pink laptop, and hi-tech wristwatch. No word yet if empty pizza boxes and a stack of soda cans will also be available for this new engineer’s cubicle.

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  1. Rosalee Womack Says:

    I have a Barbie doll that has a tatto on her arm,that was make on her ,I can,t fine any information on it,came from the factory that way,can you tell me anything about it,is there more of them,an what year were they made. I would be so thankful for any information you can tell me
    Rosalee Womack

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