Collectors Weekly Proudly Joins Barnebys

December 20th, 2017

For a little over a decade, has been the go-to destination for people who collect everything from Abu Ambassadeur fishing reels to Zippo cigarette lighters. During that time, the site’s small staff has written essays, interviews, and long-form articles on more than 1,700 categories of collectibles, producing roughly 1 million words of original content. That writing has been supplemented by submissions from an enthusiastic community of collectors, who post their collections on the site’s Show & Tell section. But what makes Collectors Weekly most valuable to passionate collectors is its filtering of eBay auctions, providing thousands of contextual links to eBay’s best vintage and antique items.

This week, Collectors Weekly begins its second decade under new ownership, as a part of Founded in Sweden in 2011, Barnebys gets approximately 2 million visitors a month across websites in eight markets—most recently, in October 2017, Barnebys launched an Italian version of its site. Like Collectors Weekly, Barnebys attracts both seasoned auction-goers and new generations of buyers and sellers, all of whom trust Barnebys to connect them to more than 3,000 vetted art, design, and antiques auction houses and dealers.

We at Collectors Weekly could not be more pleased to have been acquired by Barnebys, which has committed itself to helping us improve the user experience and online capabilities of our site. In turn, we hope to spread the word about Barnebys, from its new online-appraisal service to its engaging and informative blogs. In the meantime, we will continue to write essays and articles on objects and their histories that we hope you will find of interest. Thank you for your kind support!

(Photo of Stockholm by Phil Price, via Creative Commons License)

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  1. Anon Says:

    Will still publish articles–or will everything now be on Barnebys? Just asking so I can update my feedly/blog aggregator with the correct address so I won’t miss any new features! Thank you much :-)

  2. Lisa Says:

    We’ll still be publishing here!

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