On left-handed vintage guitars, and the new "back to the 1930s" Martins

By Dave

July 7th, 2009

left handed vintage guitarsGot an email the other day from a visitor who wanted us to build a page for left handed vintage guitars… and I thought, sure! How many left handed vintage guitar players could there be?

Alot, as it turns out, starting with famous ones like Paul McCartney, Clapton, Knopfler… not to mention historical left handed legends like Jimi Hendrix and Albert King.

So our left handed guitars page is now live. It also features great interviews with vintage guitar experts George Gruhn and Clay Harrell.

Speaking of classic guitars, the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article Monday on how C.F. Martin and Co., still a family business,  is reviving the concept of the no-frills (eg no inlay) guitar, the same approach which saved the company in the Depression (when it made it’s famous and now highly collectible D Series instruments).

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