Are Videos of Collections Becoming a Trend?

By Dave

January 20th, 2008

Lots of people have spectacular photos of their collections, but until recently, I hadn’t seen a video of a collection that I really wanted to take the time to watch. What’s changed is that people are starting to post professionally produced videos of their collections which are much more compelling than home movies.

One of our Hall of Fame members, John Deere tractor collector Gordon Gilchrist of Canada, was profiled by a local news crew in a seven minute video currently posted on YouTube (antique tractor fans: see also our tractors section).

Another Hall of Famer, model car collector Ron Sturgeon, got to show off his collection in a short news segment on Dallas/Fort Worth’s Fox affiliate. Both videos have high production values and are worth a look.

Have you seen any other really well-made videos of collection like these? If so, can you send me the link? Do you think this will become a trend? Let me know, I’d be curious what you think.

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  1. Raymond Reines Says:

    I think it’s a great idea and wish more people can afford the expense of a professional production, but sadly most cannot.

    I’d like to film my collection because it tells a great American story during one of our country’s most fascinating eras…The Race For Space.

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