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J V C  Cassette Recorder HR-22ooegby ralph
...some of my cameras (not Agfa)by agfanatic
DeVry 16mm Movie Camera Circa 1930sby fortapa…
circa 1911 Pathescope handcranked Projectorby ScottyJ1661
Kodak Movie Cameraby Kimmy21632
early 1900s? Univeral Burke and James motion picture cameraby derekgammage
Circa 1920s Kodascopeby SpiritB…
1980-1983-elmo super 8 sound camera model michael…
Graphoscope Jr. Film Projectorby vtderise
1940s Movie Projector Keystone of Boston, Model C-26, 16mmby vintage…
1976 cameraby aleksa2…
Canon Motor zoom 8 EEE with a C-8 Lens 10-40mm 1.1.7 movie camera with Canon GeodeJem
Collectible film collect…
Bell & Howell Model 253 AX 8mm Movie Projectorby fortapa…
The Murry Kinay 816 vintage film editor with screen and powered arms for film GeodeJem
Known camera by Soniamj
Circa. 1928 Filmo 8mm Projector with storage cinefanman
Antique SONYby avijeet
Movie Projectorsby MiguelCorella
Bolex H16 Jby montana77
Restoring Poers No.6by calbert1
Fujica 8 T3by GigM8
BOLEX PAILLARD M8 8mmby Heir-De…
found this trying to figure out more about itby kimmie1985
what is it worth: Kohka 418 auto mrzwing
Kodak Cine bROWNIEby fbdistr…
Any Ideas on what camera this is?by matthewwoods
Bell & howell cameraby Pedro-breaks
My MotoCameraby neilcp
movie projectorby pyrolilly
Kodak kadascope sixteen 20 brand newby choidivision
GoldE, Film Splicing Station? or Rewinder, uses 2. 15" Reels. Need Info! by Deadbolt
Duskes Vitograph 35mm projector around 1907by Cinegra…
Kretzscmar (?) 17,5mm movie projector 1905by Cinegra…
Kodak Magazine Ciné Cameraby TCMercury
What is this?  Anybody???by parpskid
The Cine-Kodak Eight Model 60 Movie Cameraby Oldies1…
DeJUR U.S.A. model 750 8mm Home Movie Projectorby Oldies1…
Keystone 16mm Moviegraph D-752by movieprojec…
Mexican Magnon Film Projectorby movieprojec…
my lovely old cinematic camera's and video camera'sby scaryca…
bell and howell 8mm zoomatic 414 MINT condition scratchlessby mthielen
Revere 777 8mm movie projectorby theworl…
Le Fulgur 35mm projectorby Cinegra…
Revere Eight Model Fifty Movie Cameraby roundtw…
8mm East German/Russian clockwork cine camera. Any Info would be bond007gb
Old Reel-to-reel Cannistersby ho2cult…
Movie projector, Powers Cameragraphby walksof…
Keystone 8mm projector and Revere 8mm bkhood2
16 mm Bell and Howell movie camera from the 50'sby words
Bell & Howell Zoomatic 8mm "Director's Series"by Artifice
Revere Model 26 Magazine 16mmby Artifice
Kodak Brownie 8mmby Artifice
Keystone K 38 Olympic 8 turretby Artifice
Magic Lantern Unknown Identification by Liz22
Bell and Howell Filmo Field Model Cine Cameraby jfrizzy
A Revere Video Camera by AntiqueRadi…
1972-quartz 5 cine camera-standard 8-made in michael…
Movie Camera!by junkman…
Were Going To The Movies!by junkman…
Antique Vintage Movie Camera Bell Howellby Georgie007
Owners Manual Revere "85" Projectorby Pop_abi…
Camera-projector mechanism 1897by Cinegra…
8mm projectorby jdavis64030
an old AT-3 movie projector camera with built in view screenby Falkwulf
2 Old Cameras Bell & Howell and Kodak Bantamby Furee65
Bell & Howell Auto-Loadby willow43
kodak brownie movie cammera hendrickson…
Movie Mite S53 Projectorby KatieHowardRN
Revere 8mm projectorby jsmith79
What do I have? It says Wizard 8, made in Japan & has this # on it...W 1060534by rebeccaswen…
Optica Salon-Säulen-Projektor 1922by Cinegra…
Kodak XL55 Movie Cameraby JosiahG
1946 revere projectorby armyvet2009
Cinelarger 8 Testrite Instrument Company 1948by RetroVintage
Bolex M8 8mm Movie Projector 1957by RetroVintage
Old Cameraby Johanva
wooden movie tripod and cameraby Peasody
Excel P46 16mm Projectorby coolit
Bell and Howell  Autoload 461B 8mm Projectorby Gleaner
Keystone 8mm Projectorby kwaldrop
1936 Herman A. DeVry 35mm Projectorby asteraudito…
IPC Simplex Projector (1920s?)by Grizzly_Jim
Keystone Projector Model R-8, dated (1939)by chevy59
Antique Kodak Cine Model B Movie Camera by chuckp
Argus Dual Super 8 + Regular 8 Movie Projector, Argus 802 Movie Camera, Flood Lamp and Full Movie Screenby gregndeb99
Revere standard 8mm projectorby Stonebroke
Bell & Howell Sun Dial 220by JDimmock
motion cameraby junkyarddog1
Craig Master Splicer 8mm/16mmby JDimmock
Mansfield 8mm Editorby JDimmock
Pathé N.A.U. from around 1920by Cinegra…
Old Russian cameraby apollon007
movie camera franklin magazine 8mmby vipers44mag
Two very old Revere movie cameras from the 1930' Dominick97
Bell & Howell Autoload 8mm/Super-8 Projectorby JDimmock
GAF SS 250 XL Super-8 Cameraby JDimmock
Bell & Howell Filmo Sportster Dual 8mm Camera 1930sby JDimmock
16mm Projector Gutsby JDimmock
Sekonic 80P 8mm Projector (c.1962)by JDimmock
Keystone K-811 8mm Windup Cameraby JDimmock
Dejur 750 (c 1956) 8mm Projectorby JDimmock
Bell & Howell 273A 16mm Projectorby JDimmock
Eumig C3 M 8mm Cameraby JDimmock
Kodak Ektasound 240 Sync-sound Super-8 Cameraby JDimmock
Baia Dual-8 Film Reviewerby JDimmock
1898 Edison Projecting Kinetascopeby allabou…
Perma Film: Preservative and Lubricantby JDimmock
Bell & Howell Filmo 'Add-a-unit' Splicer, Model 136by JDimmock
Yashica 8mm Editorby JDimmock
Baia film reviewerby Ivan
Detectives Wanted - Can you Identify What this is?by Noreaster
Keystone findby photod
My FIRST auction purchase: Kodascope EE 16mm projectorby buddyha…
1950's Bell & Howell Sun Dial 333 Movie Camera, 3 lens turretby Irish88
 keystone movie camera model -k-8 with f.2.5 lens was wondering if its worth anythingby maad1987
Trying to find info on this camera standby bigger
35 mm film projector KALEE Indomitable model no 7by Vision
Bell & Howell Filmo No. 75by JohnKratz
Keystone CC-8 8 mm projectorby Raider
Vintage 1928 Bell & Howell Filmo Cine 16mm.  Any idea on value?by crystalwell…
Cummings 35mm projector from around 1920by Cinegra…
Ensign Kinecam 6 1933 16mm cameraby Glynis