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Silver Eagle Micby michael108
EV-666 & EV-664 Shanerbell
Vintage microphoneby kahunasails
Sony cardioid microphone charmso…
Telefunken dynamic microphone TD charmso…
vintage shure brothersby Jcannon0921
1951 Unidyne 55S Microphone Elvis Typeby vintage…
RCA 77-A Uni-directional Microphoneby Dadinator247
Piezo elettrico Micby Thizz
1930's microphone, in original condition!by DrNessa
Vintage Shure Microphone 70 STby lizmac
Reslo Microphone Switch TSAby Colin99
Unknow model. Magnetic with his transformerby ariston
Shure Model 55A Unidyne “Fatboy” microphoneby Spiperato
piezo electric co LTD piezo HM-7 crystal micby Sonic___
An early Peavey High - Hi impedence Microphoneby musikchoo
Unknown microphoneby decosound
Realistic Microphone 33-989by cmurphy24
J.O.A.K. Japan Radio early WW2 Microphoneby mcrazy4fx
Old Turner Microphoneby AntiqueRadi…
Vintage Microphones Posterby decosound
Turner 33 Seriesby decosound
Rauland W-1248by decosound
Electro-Voice 950 "Cardax"by decosound
Astatic DR-10 "Synabar"by decosound
Shure 55by decosound
The Billie Holiday Microphoneby decosound
Astatic 77by decosound
Vintage RCA microphone MI 6205, working atkinsh
Geloso Piezo Elettricoby decosound
My japanese Monarch TM-20by decosound
Turner Condenser Microphone Model T-213by ErMer
50's Microphones from a $75 box lot!by PaPicking
Pair of CMV3's Ser nos 242 & 265 (approx 1928/29 manf)by nss
Crown CM-200 Select Series with red oak handleby jaydeb
Vintage Freeman Microphoneby nicksan_99