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Early HDD disc drive platterby CWcolle…
My stean driven computerby ralph
Apple Macintosh Keyboardby gussiesattic
my steam driven computerby ralph
Mitsi Mouse by Mitsubishiby Jlmcinn4
sharp mz 40k from 1978by getthat…
CPC Flight charmso…
7 inch record / Data on a Platter / Technology ? stardriver399
Sinclair ZX Spectrumby Digitali5
The Timex Sinclair 1000 (TS1000)"Computer 1982"by Alan2310
E.T.Early "Computer"by musikchoo
Early HDD diskby Kollector
Kaypro 2000 Base Unit Part # 81-041 Original Box 1980's Docking Stationby sjcoffey
radio shack tandy trs 80 antique computerby popscol…
1984-vintage sinclair spectrum plus michael…
Vintage Apple II Personal Computerby toric
GRiD Compass 1101 & 1139by Zimtower
IBM PS/2 MODEL L40 SXby marylo1970
Old Computer....looks like a Mac !!by Farkie
Apple IIGS Complete Setupby TanruNomad
Osborne 1 Desktop modelby velner
Atari  XE  8  bit  computer system and game  flight simulator,  ataristic, fun vintage system to playby cotszy
Working Apple ll c with Apple printerby jmcdann
My old Apple IIe - 1983 tech - still runs like a top!by jimmymac64