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Just found these!by jhl385
Bone Rulerby Moffat
Autoparel rule by Dtrow
WORKMASTER Gorgeous 6' Measuring Stick; Can't find any info on SueG
Keen Kutter Try Squareby McCoyNe…
Caltex Ltd., G.E. Jenssen Co. 6" Adverting Steel Ruleby jearve
1954 Ford Trucks - 18" Ruler with two Ford Logos advertising "Triple Economy Trucks"by dougehrlich
Stanley No.3 boxwood-brass folding rule by GaryVance
Vintage Goldblatt Brick Masons Folding Six Foot Rulerby fortapa…
mystery object by etcher70
Folding Ruler - Advertising ( German ? )by antique…
T Bradburn & Sonsby BobNash
Yardstickby ravage60
Unique Ruler?by jobogi
Californiaby Flipper…
Folding Rule ID Neededby Pencil-…
HUGE Collegian of Vintage Measuring Tapes_Rulers (Mostly German)by Kartoffel
Boxwood four fold rulers, J Rabone and Sons, plus a Schuil boxwood four fold GeodeJem
Vintage Exxon Adjustable Ruler with Inches & Metricby mjett15
Christofle Silver Ruler by RickyRick
Rabone cable measure with wood and brass ends, adjustable slide rule for ropes and cablesby GeodeJem
Vintage Rulerby CAD1949
Stanley Model 336 6" Metal Ruler with Sleeveby Jim-C
Help identifyingby Bootjack
Vintage Burroughs Paper Caliperby Ted_Str…
Brass Link Rulerby Evergreen
Pre 1840 architects scale ruleby valdez
Unknown Folding pocket rulerby FireVet66
Multi unit measuring stickby CandyLikesO…
My Grandfather's ruler, he came to US in 1916 was a mason, carpenter and forged ironby DeborayShay
Unknown toolby jberg
German Made Map Measure (Opsiometer)by pw-coll…
Hamilton Watch Co. Map Measure (Opisometer)by pw-coll…
Some Recent Findsby UpsonNut
Unusual miter gauge - Maker?  Or Handmade?by Pencil-…
metal folding rulerby birthday66
A new old Stanley No 13 1/2 caliperby UpsonNut
WWII Japanese measuring instrumentby notadumbld
Is this an engineer's protractor?by melaniepear…
13 1/2 Stanleyby Whittler
Rare Advertising Ruleby UpsonNut
Three-fold Rules with Levelsby UpsonNut
3" Caliperby UpsonNut
Antique carpenter's Folding Rulesby UpsonNut
Standard Rule - No64 - but Half bound!by Whittler
Ebay STEPHENS & CO # 72 1/4by Whittler
Ebay Vintage measuring tool /no.97 /Brassby Whittler
Ebay 12 in rule, No Markings Actually a Chapin No.5 by Whittler
old traveler wheelby bobby725
Please help me nspeer
Early 16" Parallel Ruler - Forged Brass & Ebonyby BHock45
One Indestro ruler and one General charmso…
Pre 1960 Lufkin Precision Tool Catalogs definedby toolbox
Aluminum Braille Ruler by H. Schoberby Bryanz
Tool? Have no idea what this Mercer50
ENGLISH Antique retractable tape measure with a brown leather case+ brass winder  hm'ed TREBLEby southcop
Ivory Folding Ruleby Joris
samuel law and sons cleckheaton measure penkniveby geordie
J Rabone & Sons 1806 Ruler by Grimscorpios
Vintage Measurement Tape by Zippo….Frackville Shops Company by Ted_Str…
1950's - Metal Advertising Rulerby aghcoll…
Rabone Ruler Made in charmso…
Old Calipers?by Handy_Randy
some kind of tool to measure or guage something. Has a pass  and scrap indicatorby moman43usa
Six inch ruler unknown origin need some help pleaseby Grandaddave
Caliper(s)by TheRoper
1955 - Lufkin Rule Co. Precision Tools Catalogby aghcoll…
Large Stanley ruler 26" x 2". Info needed please!by sandyshore
No. 39 Four Fold Caliper Rulerby varmint4868
 More Toolsby oledebil
Lufkin folding ruler no 651,boxwood made in England 1920sby filmnet
Carpenter's Ruler - REVERE Made in BHock45
Antique Cork Ruler ???by whitman75
My Grandmother's School Pencil Boxby amandab…
Lumber Ruler / Grading Stickby jonima
A lovely old ivory ruler by Phatbud…
6" Ruler Bacon-Taplin company Springfield Maby filmnet
1962 "L. William Seidman For Auditor General" Political Yardstick by antique…
Don't know who made this ivory ruler? HELP!!!!by rockhound74
Height Gauge with WW2 historyby JeffInM…
Do you know what this is and what it is used for?  Hensoldt Wetzlar Pentagram?by LYNNMANAGER
What is it?by Pbrady
Dry cleaners give-away ruler?by mrmajes…
Wood Rulerby jon5412
Texas Fly Swatter and '63 Chevrolet yard stickby DavesCo…
Advertising snap and roll rulerby Thrifty…
old ruler might be rareby paulters
old 12"wood +brass rulerby lundy
Is this some kind of brass ruler???by JoyceAD
Unknown Game? Mesuring stick?by JCher
My new favorite "fishing story"by TheJason
Antique Folding Engineer's  Survey Rule ?by JTeachout
Wooden Stick with tiny dementions & Numbers. What is it??by sshumes
Stanley #62 brass bound Sweetheart folding rulerby beau5278
Stanley SW #32 Rule & Lufkin Rule Co #4 Squareby gotwire
framing squareby walksof…
Lufkin L Rulerby lobsterita
#69 12" folding rulerby arelicz…