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RollerMaul by Jdkreider
Primitive Tool, Axe or Hammerby lorenzi
Axe head by Electricbut…
Found small hatchet head. A bit rusty but very interesting. by MManning
Holeb fixed blade knife -Need Helpby Davidpampel
Vintage double headed plumb 3 5 axeby Waltonboy1789
Old tool luversby blunder…
Broad Axe Manufacturer?by Msmac214
What is it?  Yard sale papaweebs
Not familiar with this trade markby justaxeme
Help to Irishco…
Old tomahawk? by Jtw1313
Hand-ax. For clay?  Cheesequake Creek, NJ by ScottSchool…
Old Metal Toolsby MaineMark1
Antique Zulu KnobKerrie~Spear~Axeby VtgCat
Broadhead ax unknown mftrby DannyS
Early Keen Kutter Single-bit Axeby McCoyNe…
Is this a splitting wedge, or something else?by Finneas
What is this tool?by Swan52
Yet more Irishco…
More Irishco… Irishco…
Small Irishco…
Trade Axe or tomahawk ? Need to identify pleaseby Pallmall
Unknown tool, thought it was cool Peeweemagee
Butler moonby Butlermoon
Axe sharpening jtmoyles
What kind of axe is this does anyone know by MikeSharp
Ancient Farm Toolby Jimage
Unknown Hammer Toolby Silvertip
Japanese old Axe Head from Hokkaido with the blacksmith's Zenpura
Any help with dating this ace head?by IowaHaze
Japanese No name old Axe Head from Tottori-kenby Zenpura
Tosa Mituboshi (three stars) Axeby Zenpura
Old Billhook Stamped BB, Anyone Got Any Information On This Toolby shea37
Found while metal detectingby tattoom…
Antique Striking Toolby georgieboy999
Miniature double bitted axeby hotairfan
Ze plane! Ze plane! Ze axe! Ze axe! Oy vey! It's a Plane-Axe?by UncleRon
mystery axeby manahale
Copper King Axe with label item I ownby LOF2016
I found this Ax , Hatchet  at a garage sale. It is marked( Sears AP-50733E)by dimond
Hand Scythe " Little Giant"by Caperkid
need info on this axe headby rustymusthave
Native American Toolsby joanieb…
Any ideas?by K5nyx
Early native hatchet by Dguyton
vintage toolsby Dguyton
Old Axeby curtisfiore
what is this? im new to collecting and need some help ID'ing thisby imjesa
USAF or RAF Bomber Escape Axe?by Sting
Solid bronze axe head maybe?? Someone please help!by Dan14z
18th Century Forged NJ Ax - Attributed to Basto Village by BHock45
whale blubber flencing bladeby hotairfan
Axe head by mack3410
Antique Trade Axe Tomahawk  Circa Early19th Centuryby fortapa…
Antique axe collection by Foofigh…
Unknown early Axe/mattock-Any ideas??by dan-o-matic
Axe age and other info?by FritzHF
Mann Tool ax hatchetby FritzHF
Old European  Axe headby moker1234
Lath hatchet by Baker & Hamilton Clark's of San Fransiscoby alien-j
Porto Folding Camp Axeby sully
some kind of pickaxe by chrissydod
1803 Axe/ Horse toolby ThomasP…
Belknap Howe & mfg co. Bluegrass hatchetby Caseman85
NIWA axe headby Rustfarm
Black Raven Kelly Axe Mfg Co hatchetby Jillofalltr…
Forged Ax/Possible Tomahawkby hag
unkown Axe Companyby Mulletproof…
unknown type of ax/hatchet head. Got any ideas?by tjiles
Hand charmso…
ClearCut double bladed axeby RetiredChief
A recent find around an old mining townby Polaris62
Early American Hewing Hatchet Head?  Looking for helpby BHock45
Has anyone any idea about the age of this Axe?by Suzywongx
Maybe a early tool of some sort by lisajackson
Axe head from my dad's Toliver
Axe - estate/garage sale findby maxiebaby0914
Pickaxe w/ Wooden Handle - Made in West Germanyby BHock45
swedish pick?by makomanfish1
Old hatchet ,hammer?by petey33
random barn hardware early 1900'sby TheSimp…
What is the history of this style of Pick axe?by TMMStuff
ww11 escape axe in plainsby ralph
Need help identifying this ax/hatchet/tomahawk head...Thanks!!!by mmoser45
Vintage Hand Forged Hand Axe Stampedby whitman75
Unknown axe typeby Gnome
Beautiful Miners Pickaxe found in our cellar, 1840sby filmnet
Help with Found Unusual Axe Headby wnchunter
Very old axe by Jerrysteenb…
Some Old  Hammer/hachet ..or tool thing?by nancydr…
Antique Pettibone Axeby Toasted…
Any info would be great - vintage/antique tomahawk hatchet or Axe? by mike101
French axe?by elgravy
it'd aluminum axe head its old i don't know alto about itby fluffnstuff88
Axe head circa 1832by Skruffy
My favorite hand weaponby fossilh…
Old axeby Searcher56
Box Hatchetby jimbora…
We are trying to get information on this axe/ Capricedecker
Salesman's Sample Shingling Hatchet or Child's Toyby packrat…
Vintage tool's???by cooper09
Miniature Hatchetby lsjewels
Axe/Tomahawk/Hatchetby SemperFlyCl…
WWI Medic hand axe ?by brewcitypic…
A few old early Vermont hand TommyZ
Broad axeby Lars
Antique axe?by Mpalze
Throwing Tomahawkby JTeachout
Goldblatt Roofing Hatchet - Hammerby gotwire
Railroad Tool?by gotwire
my new Hatchet by e123go
1850's Fireman's Axe?by Picker
Double bit axe headby MatthewRudge
Tomahawk? Battle Axe?by shaliberty