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Antique Cobblers Hammerby moonbug
Help !! anyone have an idea of the use and age of this hammerby virago500
Primitive Tool, Axe or Hammerby lorenzi
Unidentifiable Toolby Ksd1994
Small metal hammerby Dancomu
Wooden hand tool vintageby RWC
Keen Kutter Claw Hammerby McCoyNe…
Copper Tool or Partby BoxerMom
Miniature sledge Irishco…
odd hammerby mhanks
Helping a friendby voodoov…
garage sale findby lorple
Antique hammer given by older farmerby Yucaipacarver
malletby Pikelaker
Hand shaped hammerby needlewitch
my grandfather's old small hammerby Millsey
Hammer head, Native Americanby abqmike
What the heck is it: Hatchet All Metal Plumbby eabbazi…
Pretty Cool Multi-Toolby Caperkid
Vintage Mallet Rubberish Materialby fortapa…
Interesting hammer/clubby Jimage
Unknown Hammer Toolby Silvertip
E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter Prospector's Pickby WildToad
Unique Brass Hammer / Malletby ChurlyB
Hammer Timeby UncleRon
Hammer headby Clan
Interesting Findby mackconnerb…
Delicate hammer with green head and elongated visualizepe…
solid brass hammerby momztrk
Antique Hand Forged Veneering Hammerby UncleRon
Hammer purpose!by marikcollec…
old hammerby metalmanbryan
Atha tool by Bernardc
Ram shaped hammerby wbgroovy
Australian Army WW2 era Tent Peg Malletby jearve
Mystery Hammerby Lantz
Just not sure!by Mcloud
Copper hammerby Youngdudeol…
Unknown Ball Peen Hammer?by ChetPunisher
mystery hammer with cats paw plusby Vthestate
FORD tool from 1800sby kathconk
Can anybody tell me something about this hammer and the mark?      much obligedby Hamaxe
Native American artifact?by Jaimoe
A Radiance Toffee Hammer ( in my mind its a Borrowers Thor hammer) 9.5cm longby GeodeJem
Hand forged pin hammer?by Barkingbiker
old stone mason hammerby bobby725
No idea what this is. Anyone know? Please email me. by Pennypacker
Old tool WCusano
Unusual Hammerby carpenter17
What brand and model please?by AnthonyGarvin
Antique hammerby Carpenters-…
Very Large Wooden Mallet with Log Headby fortapa…
Flatter Hammer?by Naadomail
Hammer? Found in an old welding Naadomail
Unusual Maulby IMASapp
Three Old Tools:  Block Plane, Billboard Tack Hammer, Bastard Fileby BHock45
Hand toolby TeddyBarky
What did this hammer do as a youngin'by woodnwire
Old hatchet ,hammer?by petey33
Hammer timeby deuce
Glasier's hammerby hotairfan
Matthews hammer with some usable item missingby FGCUguy
Antique hammer. Im wondering how old it is,what it was used for and rarity? Please okeeffe…
Some Old  Hammer/hachet ..or tool thing?by nancydr…
Stone hammer headsby walksof…
New York Central System sledgehammerby gargoyl…
Umbrella Holder  brass Lombard England,  1940'sby toracat
Not That Kind of Rock Hammerby todddrev76
colbalt blue hand blown glass ball pean hammerby vanskyo…
Interesting Tools by rr11ccee
VERY OLD HAMMERby ajanemcpher…
OLD TACK HAMMERby ajanemcpher…
My "motivator"by jamiedpt
Cobbler's hammerby jamiedpt
Atomic Glaskin Barbed Wire Stretcherby gotwire
Atomic Glaskin and Birch Barbed Wire Pocket Toolsby gotwire
danco no. 4 hammerby vanskyo…
Multi Function Tools - Barbwire, Windmills, gotwire
Mystery Hammerby Triggman
All-in-one hammerby ChadC
Goldblatt Roofing Hatchet - Hammerby gotwire
Hammer Ladle???by MSkaggs
unknown hammer style - what's it used for / how old is itby WarrenWebber
some of my collectionby nonk
Strange Hammerby ronnie-baby
old hammerby bigbuckles
Antique Hammerby MorrowC
IF I HAD A Savoych…