Vintage Pocket Knives and Folding Knives

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Vintage pocket knifeby Faith1611
Vintage mop bobbee
Shrade Cut Co, Walden NY  patent dates on back latest june 6 16  3 dates each on greenbone none on black compositeby justlookn
A Collection of Knives In Awe Of One! Remington RS3333 Boy Scout Pocket knifeby billret…
Old pocket knifeby Kjane79
Disney pocket knifeby Scooby2101
Wondering the age ,any valueby BossMan716
I'm wondering when this German knife was manufactured by thewmejr
Vintage Schrade N.Y. U.S.A. 881Y Limited Edition Whittlin' Knife by billret…
Laguiole folding knifeby Chrisch…
Swiss army knife unknownby Floridasurv…
Old knife by Micksjunk
Pocket Knife Pradel Franceby boysfarm
Knox pocket Irishco…
Can anyone tell me about this Kabar pocket knife?by Bobbaloo
Little Pocket Knifeby Politic…
Keen Kutter Physician's Knifeby UncleRon
New little penknife!by Rodtheknife
J. Russell Druggist Folding Pocket Spatula by billret…
Help Identify this Antique Knifeby wgrogan
buck Knifes / 44 Magnum Knifeby swampdogg
Keen Kutter Etched Scout Pocket Knifeby McCoyNe…
MOP mini knife charmby Karenoke
Tiny Knifeby Naturlad
Not sure if this is collectible or not says keen blade on biggest bladeby Bigchief77
B. M & Co Knife by brian_s…
I can't find out anything about this knife in my grandpa's estateby whitakers Irishco…
Swedish folding Irishco…
Rodgers cutlers knifeby medicoi…
Need help identifying by thums
Camillus Yello-Jaket Folding Pocket Knifeby kodybalody715
Case Pocket Knife  Peanut  Mardi Grasby kodybalody715
can anyone help with identificationby gcb2369
Multi Tool Sportsmans knifeby Tomycod
Any ideas on what this is?by forgege…
Czechoslovskian enameled minature knife by Jamespond
My mystery knifeby Jrknifeguy502
Mid 19th century pocket knife by Shanedoherty
vintage pocket knifeby packie7
Swiss Army Knife for BB2by OneGood…
Fleams (Veternary Bleeders)by UncleRon
Hammer Brand Imperial Prov RI USA by Doughboy92
a few sommiliersby whyatt
Info about knife by Stacer
Cool pocket knifeby Fatboyford
New York company crucible knife.. age?? Bone handle? Pocket/jack-knife?by Jmass508
Andries Hendrik Potgieter pocket knife by boerhard
John Wayne Knife in Tin Boxby JImam
Jarad Dietz "American Tribute" limited edition pocket knifeby jrbacon
Simmons pocket knifeby n.c.digger
My Swiss Army knife by Jennifer14
Roll-up Knife Storage & Display Caseby billret…
Little Helpby imowens
Gold pocket knifeby Ryekoko
Help won't info about this rough rider pleaseby Eugene78
Vintage Sterling Silver Pocket Knife, Not signedby bobbittsh
Help with Knife Identification and Age??by Raven22
Mystery Knife - "Rob-Port" - Need to know information on it!by wtsallee1040
Joseph Allen & Sons Non XLL pocket knifeby Carol777
I could use some help identifying this knifeby papas-t…
vintage buck creek copperhead trapperby whyatt
hen and rooster 3 blade model 313r stockman pocket whyatt
Saturdays Knife Buy at the Concord, CA. Flea Market $7.00 for 4 knives?!! :^) Yep!by billret…
jan van riebeeck knifeby bessie
vintage imperial crown 2 blade medium whyatt
1960ish ja henckels 3 blade  stockman gentlemens model 1017by whyatt
Sabre 2 Blade Vintage Trapper Knifeby Caperkid
Vintage Knifeby pastthings
Edgeco Sheffield England non locking blade knifeby Langley57
camillus ny boy scout knifeby whyatt
Some Pocket Knife Finds from the Flea Market the last 2 weekendsby billret…
vintage imperial boy scout knifeby whyatt
ww2  ern solingen gusstahl pocket knifeby whyatt
Ladies manicure set?by bobbee bobbee
Inox pocket knife with unknown universityp…
George Perry & Sons, Inc. Watermelon Knifeby ho2cult…
1967 British Military electrician's bobbee
Knife from my fatherby Knifefantc
Knives? Yes, 2 Great Antique/Vintage folding Pocket Knives from the flea!by billret…
antique tiger solingen  rigging whyatt
Need Help on SOLINGEN Germany Pocket Knifeby LOUMANAL
Select Knives For Informationby billret…
Knives, Knives, and more Knivesby billret…
LeatherMan Super Tool 200by Caperkid
Vintage folding knife with horse headby Vitasovec
vintage girl scout knifeby whyatt
Pretty Cool Multi-Toolby Caperkid
riders of the silver screen cowboy barlow seriesby whyatt
laguioles sommilier pocket knifeby whyatt
1930s circa utica featherweight girl scout whyatt
Old Imperial tortoise shell handle multi blade knife by lee120275
a few gifts!by whyatt
Depend saynor sheffieldby Jkal89
Three small knivesby bobbee
1924 Sheffield Wilkinson sword Butlers non stain & William Needham Sheffield Silver penkinvesby lee120275
French Laguiole Folding Knifeby sklo42
My earliest knivesby Paulus
Favouriteby Paulus
Remington cirrcle pocket knifeby Gjaime123
old ireland pocket knifeby whyatt
2 russian knives ?by whyatt
japan sabre melon knifeby whyatt
a couple of scout knivesby whyatt
Sharp Japan Utensil Knifeby mappingman
German Folding Knifeby rick60
old when the tail gate drops.... knifeby whyatt
Single Blade For Nevadablades by Caperkid
colonial proverbs camp knifeby whyatt
Silver fruit knifeby bobbee
MIKOV Czechoslovakian lock knifeby bobbee
Boker Barlow style, and Valley Forge bobbee
Humphrey Bogart . . . Personal Pocket Knifeby Memorie…
POW M.I.A handleby ambquati
Barlow knife mistakeby blunder…
spanish knife?by Peterdr…
vintage solingen tree brand boker large congress whyatt
vintage richartz  pocket knifeby whyatt
Old Pen Knife E F.A James Barber Any Infoby shea37
vintage dreko multi tool whyatt
The Chicago Live Stock Exchange Jack Knifeby jakenhyde
Case XX Looking for Infoby Chiefharden
Two more knives, one brown one blackby Pebz13
Pearl? Bone? Two knivesby Pebz13
vintage brass pen knifeby shea37
Vintage Toledo lever lock mother of pearl knife by Benmorgan8569
Kansas City Chiefs copperhead knifeby jake131
My Prunerby Frizzen
Old Single Blade Folding Knifeby Frizzen
vintage german sportsmans camp knifeby whyatt
vintage knife,china stainlessby CCB3isme
GIANT 17" Folding Knife found in the cedar chest!!!by RitaSkeeter
 Sheffield steel England pocket knife by Stretchy123
Chinese made "Hobo knife".by bobbee
Pradel multi-tool folding knifeby bobbee
A. Parkin lambfootby bobbee
Swiss Army clone-great quality!by bobbee
Vintage folding knifeby Dopplergreen
Colonial tool and knife setby Tazman972
English Sterling-Bladed Fruit Knife w/ Caseby UncleRon
Antique Solingen knife with tool engravingsby LeoTay
Vintage Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Pocket Knife by Dallibone
Single blade knife in silver caseby CollectorPJF
Vintage Tiffany & Co Pocket Knife by Dallibone
1940 US Army Camillus (part 2)by bobbee
1940 US Army issue Camillusby bobbee
Solingen ivory,single lock blade knife stainlessby lmcdonald
1943 British military issued clasp knifeby bobbee
I need help finding the age of this knife. Thank youby cheezytaco2…
Vintage Chinese Army Doctor's Knifeby UncleRon
Vintage Case Xx Stock Knifeby Dewsie77
Vintage German Mother of Pearl Nude Pin Up Girl Pocket Knife by whitman75
INNOCENTE-  Simbol of Quality- Knife -ITALYby LOUMANAL
Frost Cutlery-Vietnam Commemorative Knifeby kerry10…
My Dad's Remington knife R36?by RitaSkeeter
Rare, Possibly Unique, Violinist's Knifeby UncleRon
Pepsi-Cola EKB Pocket Knifeby pepsipe…
Pecan Budder (Grafting) Knifeby UncleRon
Gottlieb Hammesfahr Solingen, Foche Folding Knifeby bearhll
Old folding Gruff
Spring Assisted Damascus Etched Knifeby fortapa…
Two Victorinox and one Wanger Delemont Tabascie
Victorinox  Switzerland pocket Tabascie
Victorinox Swiss Army Knifeby Caperkid
I got this knife a while backby Tabascie
A knife I had for a long Tabascie
My Dad's old pocket knivesby Zrzekmane
Antique knife found in Romaniaby Pophool…
Frontier 3 Blade Folding Knifeby Caperkid
WUCOS Penknifeby AirfixMike
A few of the collection from my Dad & TherealTLC
Interesting pocket knife maybe silver? Origin? by Danjimcol
Native Hunting Scene Knifeby SpiritB…
I don't know Alitoculiny
Stainless Pakistan from my recently deceased dad  by Zizzerxzazz…
Help me ID this knife!by Daninal22
Swiss Army Knives as advertising!  by sklo42
Early 1900's Antique Boy Scout Knife by Victori…
Identify vintage pocket knifeby Hburns
old ixl pocket knife by redman_83
Vintage Folding Phillipines Butterfly Folding Blade Bone Knifeby whitman75
NevadaBlades ---> U.S. Army Issue Victorinox Swiss Folding Knifeby Efesgirl
score & whittle?by What_the
Kraut packs steel (2)by blunder…
Kraut packs steel (1)by blunder…
Miniature 4-Blade Knifeby UncleRon
anyone help identify my knifeby kieranwinter
1960s German Solingen Etched Brass & Steel Toledo Folding Pocket Knifeby Efesgirl
Deluxe Army Knifeby onthunter
Miniature Henckels 20-Blade Knifeby UncleRon
Identification is neededby awhiggins1982
Böntgen & Sabin tortoiseshell butterfly knifeby aimeeinak
old knifeby mcevers…
Was my grandfathers knife when he was young back in the 1920'sby Otisheck
Spring Assisted Stilettoby Caperkid
Small pocket charmso…
Wilson brothers knifeby Takeyou…
multi tool made with french coinsby rebeccariedy
Harrison Bros. & Howson vintage folding knifeby natethan
My mystery knifeby jstaylorga
Case Knife Red Boneby nutsabo…
This is Knife that was handed downby Gruff
Trusty Rusty My First Knifeby fortapa…
Valor With gold inlayby cerebus111
i need help finding out more details about my YIG
Carlsberg folding knife and Marlboro Victorinox (please tell me how much they're worth)by Brendanyue42
A Friend Made Thisby SpiritB…
1.5" Early Times folding knifeby willanderso…
Vintage Case Knife MOPby nutsabo…
Kissing Crane Knifeby Caperkid
small fish knifeby jarskijr
Bone or ivory handle pocket knife vintageby Suggsmerc
Vintage pocket knife by Suggsmerc
Old German knifeby Suggsmerc
Old possibly Ivory hannle knife with odd letteringby Shufixer
scout knifeby slotman
NevadaKnives - another Marlboro blunder…
Key Chain Folding Knifeby Caperkid
Original butterfly knife, no markingsby Drewyor
Vintage multitool knifeby joeco
Antique Dixon Cutlery Co. Mini Boy Scout Knifeby mnw1963
Lark Folding Knifeby Caperkid
Leverlock - Solingen hunting pocket knifeby boulajo
Italian parachutist knifeby OfficerTorres
Pre 1900? Handmade replica of the Boy Scout Bndtech
Great 1960's Victorinox "Salesman"by bobbee
Need help identifying this knifeby trogo
What knife is this and where is it from?by Cobaltdrive
EYEWITNESS early folding knivesby bobbee
Unusual Folding Knife Looks Primitive USA Manufacturedby radioaman
Need help with identification PLEASE!!!by Russc.1
Pocket knifesby Caperkid
Unknown knife typeby peejayw
C.K Old Wooden Folding Knifeby joshey
Combination Knifeby Caperkid
Butterfly Knifeby BoneCrusher
Horticulture Knifeby Sting
1970's Barry WoodsColt swing lock knifeby Greenba…
Italian Curiosityby Sting
Unusual found pocket knife toolby Rustfarm
Pen Butterfly Knifeby GoDawgs
Yard sale knife find!by Metal4brkfst
1977 Western Knife Display Hardware Storeby PointyEnd
Harrison Brothers Sheffield by dreamerlds
Remington Pocket Knife 1921-1924 by catteann
Russell Knifeby catteann
Jacknife Betty and Her Plain Cousinby ho2cult…
small folding knife that looks like a gunby alien-j
Antique sterling silver pocket knife. by Risweet
my vintage knives from a garage saleby topwop6…
Knife, Wooden handled slide out blade with lockby PETERRLSHAE
Henry Boker Pocket Knifeby jearve
Whittingslowe Type 1 WW2 army claspknifeby jearve
Whittingslowe Type 2 army claspknife WW2 issueby jearve
unsure of what this knife is help needed on value and history by marit
Case XX Shark Toothby Jason.phill…
True Swiss Army Knifeby superso…
Double Switchblade Schrade Presto With Advertising Embossed on Bodyby steelerq
Unknown instrument or toolby curiousgeor…
Does anybody know anything about this, says Spencer on the bladeby paulmo
Pocket Knife Whistleby Whistle…
A Couple of Grafting Knifesby littlem…
Ladies Shoe Pocket knifeby upstate…
Vintage Japanese Made Folding Wood Handle Pocket Knife OHCby pickypi…
Heres something you dont ever seeby jrmusulin
Eskilstuna Pocket Knifeby RetroBe…
grandads knifeby lovelyt…
Case Bros XX  Tested 3 blade Knifeby BRussel
Camillus cutlervoo Knifeby ArcherZG
Vintage Case XX (1940 - 1964) Bone 6111 1/2L knifeby ArcherZG
1950's-60's Folding Multi-tool Camping Knife by kanukster
my double blade Coca-Cola knifeby knifeguy_1
One I can not identify by knifebe…
Pocket knifeby Von
Vintage Harrison brothers and Howson pocket knifeby Peaseje…
Knife or straight razorby scratch
Camillus utility knife 1988? marked U.S. Is this military or gov. issued? for itmidce…
help to identify a mappin and webb pocket knifeby armsandswords
Buck Lockback Limited Custom #500 1 0f 250 W/Holsterby VTXRIDE
More Folding Knife Pocket Watch Fobsby pw-coll…
Folding Knife Pocket Watch Fobby pw-coll…
vintage Buck 110 with dog engravingsby vintageknife
my grandpasknifeby stephul1979
18 POCKET FOLDING KNIVES FOUND IN THE TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!by southcop
S shaped double edge knifeby shareur…
Remington. asking anyone if they know anything about or how old?by sidster
Colt Lightning Rifle Pocket Knife by Walldog
Military Knifeby ron1939
Folding Knife by Scottj3134
Philips Argenta advertising pocket knifeby jearve
Pocket charmso…
Made in Germany,WW2by RimRattler
Found knife by Vet4peace
1890s Enameled Anheuser-Busch Corkscrew Knife with Stanhopeby rnieder…
Folding Knife, Spoon, Fork and Bottle Openerby skinsjoe
Looking for help with identificationby Kmkekic24
50 + year old folding hand scythe?by Milbo
Multi tool Jack Knife for cleaning a gun?by ranger94
samuel law and sons cleckheaton measure penkniveby geordie
Damascus Steel Folding Knife with Antler & Brass by rponthankjr
gold pocket knifeby brianm
EKA 126, 1950by leprechaun
Salesmans Sample Germania Trapper Pocket Knifeby heatherveen…
Miniature Scout Knifeby Irishkid
Parker Cutlery "Valley Forge" Pocketknifeby aghcoll…
schrade LB7 bear paw purchase in ellenville ny 1985by catwolfe
Coke Knife Collectionby CokeKid…
'Outside' Brand 14-tool Pocketknifeby aghcoll…
Grandfathers's knifeby Khark11
Vintage silver Jack Knife from World War One with Otto von Bismarckby Zeelo
Victorinox Pink Penknife in Tinby aghcoll…
Any information on this solingen knifeby Jeremiahjones
inherited knife collectionby Lowe5210
Antique Handmade Folding Knife Long Foreign Unknown?by stwilli…
Mini boxed  antler handle lock back knife Jaguar made in Italyby southcop
Henckles pocket knifeby bsu
pocketknife found in oceanby genegreen
Small Victorian marbled pocket knife pendantby Newtimes
Lucite? handle Folding Knifeby cindyjune
Looking for Info on this very old knife I purchased!by GraffQu…
5-tool Red Pen Knifeby aghcoll…
Advertising Pen-Knifeby aghcoll…
United cutlery Germany folding knifeby anndryam1
Philips Argenta knifeby jearve
A cool knife of mine, but idk where it came from/ who made itby Timmayww
Lock-back Jack Knifeby aghcoll…
2000 - Victorinox "Fireman's" Pocket Knifeby aghcoll…
Stag Ireland Camper Pocket Knifeby aghcoll…
Imperial Pen-Jack Knifeby aghcoll…
Can anyone help!!!!by Ebowling
"Victorinox" Green Advertising Penknifeby aghcoll…
TL-29 Electricians Knifeby Thrifty…
pen knife by twoheads
(2) race tools (sometimes called a race knives)by hotairfan
Hand carve bone folding knifeby kieryade
My knife collectionby russp63
2001 - Victorinox Penknife with Keychainby aghcoll…
1997 - Victorinox Penknife/Keychainby aghcoll…
I found a knifeby mogrit
vintage solingen pocket knifesby getthat…
My smallest penknifeby Jono
curious about a knifeby Angelarobbi…
joseph rodgers pen knives mother of pearl (cutlers to his majersty)by neilson24
4 POCKET KNIVESby Kollector
My rarest Pen-Knife - an OIO by Clarke, Shirley and Coby Tunneltiger
Early 1900 pocket knifeby Jono
Pocketknife sterling silverby Maxx
Found this little Guyby DaddySnuggums
1940's Texarkana Texas CocaCola Knifeby Hookerbob
Unique brass pocket knife by Bmeintzer
Vintage Laguiole knifeby TheRoper
Strange kind of folding knifeby TheRoper
Latest Flea Market find Pen Knife Key Cby JUDDANT…
The Mason Pocket knife by Old Ramby MattyG
Brass Beaver Knife by slickdriver
Mystery knifeby Lilsa
Ultra mini WWI era pocket knife/trench art watch fob?by antiqua…
My knife like my daddy's by blondtyg
Rare Case Tested 1920-40 Rough Black Equal End Cattleman Knife 6345 alanp
Eye Brand  pocket knife by fdm
Tony Bose Back pocket knifeby Camillus
"Old Timer" Folding Knife/Schrade NYby BHock45
Unidentified Knife Help Pleaseby BHock45
Contento "New Zealand" Pocket Knife Made in Germanyby BHock45
Vintage Camillus Boy Scout knife by Camillus
This is my swing guard knife made Caseby Camillus
1982 World's Fair knife by Parkerby MattyG
My BIG new AK-47 switchblade bayonet by MattyG
knife with many usesby ralph
German Pocket Knifeby jwilsonaio
novelty knifeby ralph
old knifesby ralph
A cleaner upper?by spiriti…
Hank Williams guitar shaped knife by MattyG
republic of Ireland folding 2 blade "fish knife"by lori_k_h
Pre-WWII era D.R.G.M. German pocket knife with wood MattyG
John Primble pocket knifeby MattyG
Help! RARE Pocket Knife - think Militaryby shelinalbany
My new Gerber Touche belt buckle knife by MattyG
Ulster U.S.A. - Boy Scouts of America Pocket Knifeby BHock45
My Papas manicure coinby spiriti…
Handy little pen pablo
Forest Master Knifeby douglasjames
Bontgen & Sabin Butterfly Knifeby secondt…
1918 Working Flylock Hawk Bills Pocket Knife B'Port Conn. USA by electob…
Ruko produce knife?by semiswife
old buck knifeby cowboyeidson
Coca-Cola knife 5.cent by cowboyeidson
German ww2 Personal Medic Folding Folding knife(non-issued)by Ericht
Gold knifeby Ollie
Sterling pocket knifeby Ollie
buck 525 scrimshaw pocket knifeby bayoumanchac
Compass Folding knife.  Blade stanless steel from Pakistan.  by gkling42
Case Canoeby jimbora…
Vintage Jaws-703 Folding Lockback Knifeby whitman75
Shriners Knifeby jimbora…
Vintage Buck Pony Knife Model 705by whitman75
C F & I  Seamless Tube Mill Round Pocket Knifeby tymegoesby
My Old Ink Eraser.  Joseph Rodgers & Sons blade. by Agustin
Buck 305by Belltown
My collectionby k9999
Another Skull Knifeby ginnycr…
Camillus Cub Scout Pocket Knifeby Bootson
FISH- KNIFEby madmac
Normark  -Swedenby madmac
old timerby madmac
ulster lock bladeby madmac
Case XX STAG one arm Razor Knifeby chevy59
Vintage pocket knivesby chevy59
very very small knifesby madmac
very old germen lock knifeby madmac
Navaja Knife Circa 1900-1930sby e-cache
Vintage Folding Knives , Case XX, Klein and Camillusby whitman75
Vintage Camillus 1961 U.S. Pocket Knifeby whitman75
Vintage Case XX Folding Knifeby whitman75
Extremely rare quill knife with guillotine C1810/20 Rodgers, William 4th or Geo 4th, and a few others from my collectionby Knifeguy
Rare Knife Sweet Auction find by johnny777
My great Uncle Joe's watch!by HockleyDiva
Advertising Knivesby picking…
Schrade Walden Knife and Moreby picking…
Pocket Knivesby jon5412
Vintage Jet Jacknife Made In the U.S.Aby whitman75
Tiffany Sterling Silver Swiss Army Knifeby Thrifty…
Mercator-German pocket knifeby treece76
Pakistan Stainless knivesby Harland
Ulster Office Knifeby MarkH
Vintage Camillus Cam-Lock Folding Knifeby whitman75
J. Dixon Cutlery Co - OUR BOY pocket knifeby MrsD
Pocket Knife collectionby pickrkn…
Moby Dick scrimshaw  Case knife in presentation caseby musikchoo
jacknifeby cindyjune
Grandpa's Fishing Knifeby aycocko…
Was this used in Spanish America War?Pocket Knives & One Really Big Knife Marked 1903by BeauxPu…
Collector Knifeby Ilikeart
Knife Artby Ilikeart
Wonder Knife - Swiss Army "Style" Knifeby aycocko…
My Knives Collectionby Ilikeart
Coca Cola Pocket Knifeby ktpanic42
Bullfighter knife?by fredfis…
strange knifeby walksof…
Old Knifeby Juice7
Boker Pocket Knifeby flyrr100
Unique looking knifeby Piston51
Antique Coca Cola Knifeby Mark73
Sliding blade knifeby CAD1949
Schrade Uncle Henery 95 Years of Excellenceby Peddler…
Small Bird Knife ?by Peddler…
Knivesby Sodapop…
Case Knifeby Sodapop…
Queens Steel Knives 1920's-1970'sby bahamaboy
A Sampling of a few knives Dating From 1915-1970by bahamaboy
1960's Boy Scout Paraphernalia Of Mineby bahamaboy
Camillus advertising knifeby beau5278
Camillus knife,YB cigarsby beau5278
Reminton UMC boot shaped knife/lid lifterby beau5278
Treebrand Boker knifeby steamer
Did "SWISS" Knive copy this?????by cpreese
folding knife mystery solvedby walksof…
Schrade Whittlin Kitby YardSaleDave
Early Catskill Knifeby YardSaleDave
Buck Cadillac Knifeby YardSaleDave
pocket knife mysteryby walksof…
Coca Cola Knifeby Giantsnysf
John Deere Knifeby Heytbaker
Mother's Knifeby jeffbuc…
Coca Cola Pocket Knifeby mantique_co…