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Vintage Sims Skateboardby Msham_62
End of the Feastby ponyack
Logan Earth Ski Makaha Professionalby jsmouse
My Old-School Skateboards & Brief Chat About Punk Rock (gone and WAY forgotten)by Subgenius213
A few yard sale finds this weekendby JUDDANT…
Matt Hensley street swing from H-streetby oldschool45
not all of themby aussie-droid
My Sims Splat! Lester Kasai Pro Modelby SimsSplat
Autographed (by Vans Team) Daniel Lutheran Competition Boardby ConexionsEn…
1970s Makaha magnum originator. Still in original packingby Dannodanno2…
look at this find! sitting in a garbage yard in Washington stateby eddiebblunt
McGill Skateboard "trigger fish"by Shrimp
unknown vintage skateboard by Bamboo
Nash mini skateboard by BigDaddyof4
Vintage skateboard helpby J65L78
Vintage 1980's Penny Boardsby Piratejazz
Found at the dumpby luky1336
Duro Skateboardby michaelr.g.1
Skateboard - Mustang Roller Derby No 15 by michaelr.g.1
Retro skateboard chair - Tony Hawk autographby junkyard
Unknown maker skateboard deckby vegasmkb
86 sims pharaoh by Bobbymc23
Barn findby Zute
Skateboardsby Iras
How old schoolby Vikingcraft
Lost and Found Sims Pharoahby EricAR72
Jupiter skateboardby Rade1313
Anyone Know What this is?by oldkook
Paul McCarthy by ArtCats
Madrid 1970's longboardby rozman
Alva Skateboard Collectionby Chaz66
1970's Skateboard Collectionby Chaz66
Bulldog Skates Collectionby Chaz66
Vintage SIMS Skateboardsby Chaz66
Rare Fiberglass Skateboard with wheels, trucks and riser padsby Tyrone047
skateboards power peralta  1987 by ADF
"Back To The Future "Valterra Vintage Skateboard With Handlesby vintage…
Skateboarder Autographs: Thomas Taylor, Henry Gutierrez, and Andy Howell (c. 1990)by MatthewChaney
1970's Roller Derby Skateboardsby Jillofalltr…
my old skateboardby jimmyjay
1983 Tony Hawk Chicken Skullby BHurst48
Beastie Boys skateboared anyone have any info for me thanksby anseroner
1989 TIMZ (Times) Midget 7-Ply Skateboard Deck ~ UnUsedby tom61375
Vintage Sincar Skateboardby elisapeterson
old skateboard decksby russell410
Vintage MasterCraft longboard skateboardby styledbykarli
1987 Jeff grossoby Justgo420
TONY HAWK'S BOOMBOOM HUCKJAM NORTH AMERICAN TOUR Deck "Cant find another anywhere! please help with okeeffe…
Jason Jessee miniby Patchuck
Super Surfer Skateboard Scooter?   by camhope2
Taren Toys - Barracuda  Skateboard by BLAM007
Anarchic Adjustment Sweater 1986!! RARE First ever clothes item from themby OldSchoolBMX
A few items in my collectionby TCBJinx
1960's Nash Shark "Sidewalk Surfboard"by elayem0…
freestyle vintage aluminum skateboardby kingj103
Skee-Skate Deluxe. by ptrunzo1
1987 Mike McGill by gearpunk
Unique wooden Skateboard ..right???by mrschasebrown
Gumby Skateboardby pickerkidd
The makings of a skate-oby oldie
Nash , 1960's????by MrFish
skate board by stonesf…
 SKATEBOARD Danny Bearer 1965 FIRST World Champion chucklo…
Dominion Skateboardby Russ
Kne Koster  patent date 1925by Jodee55
Very old skateboard made of laminated woodby markg