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Old Metal Fife with a Cork Stopper by herbgrower
Haynes Wood Fluteby JKO1118
flageolet sometimes known as an Orcon fluteby jljeni
Clay Face Flute/Ocarinaby mluna99
Old flute vesselby Jtw1313
Ocarinaby Shanewoodard
Ancient Magic Indigenous Fluteby JGrossguth
Antique El Deford Elkhart Fluteby henryVIIIII
Cat Clay Fluteby Nobu
wooden German fluteby flutemoron34
Boxwood Baroque Flute With Ox Bone-Ivory Inlay/Anonymous German Maker (?) /Circa Late 18th-Early 19th Centuryby mikelv85
Cocoa-Cocuswood Flute With Case/Rudall-Rose 8 Key Design /Retailer J. Limbird & Co."143" Strand London/ Circa 1830's-40'sby mikelv85
Chimu pottery whistle pot, pre columbian.c 1500by manitou71
native american black effigy whistle by HORSEY
clay flute from Chile 60'sby kbran
Vintage Thompson FLUTOPHONE Recorder -  Musical Instrument ( w/Box ) 3/of 3 types of Postsby antique…
Vintage SONATA WOODEN Recorder - Germany Musical Instrument ( w/Box ) 2/of 3 types of Postsby antique…
1930's - SWANSON TONETTE Musical Instrument ( w/Box & Booklet ) 1/of 3 types of Postsby antique…
Old japanese flute im not sure from whenby Clint
Unknown Flute Early Vintageby Doug14