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Mysterious Slag Lamp

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    Posted 9 years ago

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    It's mysterious because I haven't been able to find out where this lamp originated from! LOL! It's a four-bulb lamp with a sixteen panel shade. The clear portion of the shade has a whimsical glue chip design, if I am correct in saying so. It's complimented by the remaining eight panel slag finish on the lower edge of the shade. It's identified by this mark at the base: GIM 891; a model number perhaps?

    This heavy guy stands approximately 25" tall to the highest point. The bottom of the base stretches approximately 9" diameter. The base of the shade is approximately 15" diameter. Feels like it weighs about 10 lbs or better!

    Any information about this unique lamp is greatly appreciated!

    Unsolved Mystery

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    1. chinablue chinablue, 9 years ago
      I have no idea, but I love it!! I can't really tell from the pictures, but the though the lower edges of the lampshade that appear to be yellow/amber to me could be slag glass. Slag is opaque colored streaks, with usually white and/or cream streaks giving it a marbled look. The upper portion really looks like gluechip glass from the picture, but you say the patterned portion isn't glass? It'll be interesting to find out what it really is! Lovely lamp. Thanks for showing it!
    2. ladyintheshade ladyintheshade, 9 years ago
      Thanks for your comments chinablue! To be honest, I really can't say if it's glass or not, so I changed my description above. You are probably right about it being gluechip glass though. I am glad you like it, my brother gave this to me as he new I also love this type of decor. He's a mover and more often than not, people give stuff away to him. "One man's junk is another man's treasure"! lol Thanks again for your insight; glad to share it with everyone!
    3. chinablue chinablue, 9 years ago
      In case someone that knows lamps stops by, you might want to add whether or not there are any markings/letters/numbers of any kind on the base (especially underneath) or on the metalwork of the shade. I know there are others here that will be a huge help to you! I look forward to finding out more about this gorgeous lamp!
    4. ladyintheshade ladyintheshade, 9 years ago
      I have scanned this lamp top to bottom in hopes of finding any markings to indicate it's origins. All I could find was "made in New York" on the electrical power switch...not sure if this has any relevance if any, but it's a start? Perhaps I just need to bring out the magnifying glass. lol Thanks for your tip Chinablue!
    5. ladyintheshade ladyintheshade, 9 years ago
      I finally found it! 168 WIe....just had to pull the shade off and look more closely underneath. Very inconspicuous place and was hard to find at first, but I found it! Thanks Chinablue!
    6. chinablue chinablue, 9 years ago
      I'm glad you were able to find something! Maybe with that information, someone that collects or trades in these will be able to help you. I don't know, but it might help if you were able to photograph the marks you found and add them to the 3 pictures you already posted. Were the marks under the lamp base, or under the lamp shade? I didn't really understand exactly what you meant when you said where you found it. If I ever find anything that might help you, I'll be sure and post it here. Best of luck in your research. I want to know about this lamp too! It's beautiful.
    7. ladyintheshade ladyintheshade, 9 years ago
      lol, sorry about would seem as per my last comment I found the marks under the shade, but in fact I found the identification number under the base, not the shade. I will try my best to capture a good shot of the mark with my camera and post it tomorrow! As a matter of interest, I sent the photos with the identification number to Craftman Auction and the fellow said that based on his "educated opinion" he felt the lamp might be a replica. Hmmm, kind of a bummer to hear that, but he also said I should take it in to an antique dealer to the suspense still exists in the meantime! Ohh and thank you again Chinablue, you've been most helpful. : )
    8. chinablue chinablue, 9 years ago
      Replica or not, it's still gorgeous! But honestly, I'd be surprised if it isn't an older piece, especially the shade and base. I don't believe the finial is original and perhaps the base and shade were a marriage of older and newer pieces at some point. When I look at the photos, especially the second one, it looks to me like there is a marked difference in the metal of the base and the portion above where the arms attach (where the finial screws on top) and the arms and collar to which the arms attach. It's almost as if maybe it was a single or perhaps a double bulb lamp and was redone by adding that collar and the arms to allow for more light bulbs. I hope that makes sense..I just re read it and I'm not sure I explained that very well. Any way.... I'll be watching to see what you find out. I don't care if it was purchased at Wal-mart last week, it's still awesome and I hope you are pleasantly surprised by what you find out! :-)
    9. ladyintheshade ladyintheshade, 9 years ago
      Before I forget...thank you Chinablue; guyfrmatl; and BELLIN68 for loving my unique slag lamp!!!! You all have some very cool stuff yourselves!
    10. ladyintheshade ladyintheshade, 9 years ago
      Ok, I took a picture of the base and from looking at the mark from a different angle I get a different mark; which appears to be the correct mark! lol I posted a picture of the mark to be viewed. Looks to me more like a model real indication where it was made. I will continue with my research, in the meantime. : )
    11. chinablue chinablue, 9 years ago
      You need a lamp collector to stop by, lady! I just looked at your newest picture, which is excellent btw. Like you, I can see GIM 891. I can also see 198 WI 9 if I look hard enough! I have just been looking for marks to see if I could find anything that might be some form of this configuration. For the time being, my eyes are crossing so I'll look a bit more later. I've got my fingers crossed that someone knows what these marks really are.
    12. chinablue chinablue, 9 years ago
      Still no leads?? I had hoped someone would have recognized this design/style by now!
    13. ladyintheshade ladyintheshade, 9 years ago
      Nooo, not yet. However, I did have a gal from the Old Tavern Co. email me back and she thought it might be worth anywhere from $800 to $1200. She said the screw at the base would make the base worthless, but the shade itself would be of some value. She wasn't an appraiser, but another "educated guess"? lol No idea where this lamp was made.
    14. chinablue chinablue, 9 years ago
      Because of that the base would be worthless?? I don't collect lamps or appraise them, nor am I an authority by any means, but I would think if the base was original, especially original to that shade, the fact an imported nut would make it worthless just doesn't make sense to me. I do a lot with furniture and as long as any replacement hardware is authentic in age and matched to the piece, especially a nuts or screws that were manufactured at the same time and in the same way, it usually only makes a small difference if any at all. Well, we'll keep 'bumping' this lamp to the front of the line every so often and hopefully SOMEONE will know something!
    15. chinablue chinablue, 9 years ago
      Lamp people please help out here!
    16. JohannB JohannB, 9 years ago
      Hello, I am a lamp collector and have bought and sold many lamps over the past 25 years. I am familiar with most makers from the late 19th century through the early 20th century.
      I the 1960's there was a renewed interest in antique lamps due to a few books written about Louis C Tiffany. These lamps were hard to find and so many wanted them that manufacturers made lamps that appeared to be antique. I believe yours is one of them.
      Your lamp could not really be called a reproduction or replica, because a slag glass lamp exactly like yours was never made in the early 1900's. Rather, the designer pulled elements from different lamps and put them together to make a unique lamp. Your lamp was made in the late 1960's to the early 1970's. Without a maker's mark, it would be difficult to identify. If you go back a few months on this site, you will find a very similar lamp to yours from the same period.
      To a serious collector of early electric lamps it's value is minimal, but to a decorator, who knows what it can fetch. The 60's and 70's is not my area of collecting. I hope this information helps you.
    17. ladyintheshade ladyintheshade, 9 years ago
      Thank you AmberRose and officialfuel for loving this lamp!
    18. ladyintheshade ladyintheshade, 9 years ago
      Thank you JohannB for the information you provided about this lamp. I find it most interesting that this lamp was created from different parts of other lamps. This is very helpful to me and I appreciate the time and thought you took in helping me find the origin of this lamp. The 1960/1970's is a good starting point for me. : )
    19. ladyintheshade ladyintheshade, 9 years ago are a real trooper! Thanks for getting in there like a dirty shirt! Like everyone else and their treasured pieces, I can definitely use all the help I can get in solving the mystery to mine lol! It appears there are a some good starting points for me to do some research in as per JohannB's helpful insight. Oh, and as a matter of interest, Old Tavern emailed me back and said I might be able to fetch $400 for the shade alone. This may or may not be an overestimation, but the quest for "light"continues. lol Pun intended of course...
    20. chinablue chinablue, 9 years ago
      *LOL* Lady, that's a good line. I may steal it from you! I didn't do anything but love your lamp and want someone else to see it. I'm glad that someone was able to shed more 'light' on the situation for you. Like you, I hate being in the 'dark' about something I've posted. *hanging my head in shame for my puns*
    21. ladyintheshade ladyintheshade, 9 years ago
      lol I love a good pun...No but seriously, your effort to get people with knowledge to look at my lamp speaks volumes. Thanks. : )
    22. ladyintheshade ladyintheshade, 9 years ago
      Thank you walksoftly for liking my lamp!
    23. Jmac123, 8 years ago
      Hi lady in the shade, I also have come across a really unique lamp
      With the markings GIM 3054.. Extensive digging has revealed the maker to
      Be M.C. CO. A lamp maker that is known for
      Lamps made during the early 40's through the late 60's
      The companies mark differs through its existence and a good source
      For this info was wiki answers (Wikipedia ) under the question how much is my GIM 644 lamp worth ? There has been verifiable
      Evidence scattered throughout the internet on their rarity and are considered
      Highly sought after ! There are glass dome type and brass ornate like yours that
      Have brought 2 to 15 k .
    24. cmdviola, 4 years ago
      Hi Lady in the shade! I am just writing a quick thought that in your description I don't think yours should be called "slag glass"; because I think slag looks more streaky and swirly - like mixing chocolate into white cake batter..... Slag also has a sort of 'tortise shell' look to it........ where your "clear glass" looks more like what I am looking for on Stemware ..... a sort of " glue chip" or 'ice glass' or 'overshot' technique. Those ("my") names of techniques for texture on glass are not really standardized, but don't I think yours should be called slag. I know it's been a long time, but my stemware from goodwill is about 6 months old for me and if you turned up an orgin for your glass maybe that's a lead for me. Did you reach a decision on your maker(s) or age/ likely decade?
    25. wildvke wildvke, 2 years ago
      The globe is what would be considered “crackle glass”, the only “slag glass” looks to be the bottom border glass.
    26. wildvke wildvke, 9 months ago
      GIM is a manufacturer of lamp parts and bases. Gimbal Brothers Inc. in N.Y. The info is in the patents in 1984 series, here.,+New+York&pg=PA8&printsec=frontcover
    27. wildvke wildvke, 9 months ago
      Not sure how to edit my comment above, it should be Gimbel Brothers Inc.

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