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was in the family for long time - GlasswareLoved by aura
Amber Dot Glass Bowl - GlasswareLoved by aura
My favorite depression glass - GlasswareLoved by aura
Depression Glass Candy Dish  - GlasswareLoved by aura
My first pieces.. - GlasswareLoved by aura
Beautiful Lavender Pressed Glass Covered Compote - GlasswareLoved by aura
Clear oval dish - GlasswareLoved by aura
Can anyone identify & date this pattern? - GlasswareLoved by aura
Amazing large topaz yellow glass bowl 12" - GlasswareLoved by aura
EAPG tumbler - GlasswareLoved by aura
Previously a coloured glass fruit bowl - GlasswareLoved by aura
Unusual etched creamer and sugar - GlasswareLoved by aura
Fox on Nest - GlasswareLoved by aura
My mothers glass collection - Art GlassLoved by aura
Pressed glass goblet - GlasswareLoved by aura
Fancy green relish dish - I think?!?! - GlasswareLoved by aura
Gold candy dish - GlasswareLoved by aura
Stunning vase mystery!  - Art GlassLoved by aura
Art Nouveau Rose Gold/or Vermeil Bunch of Grapes Filigree Pearl Pendant. - Art NouveauLoved by MyFavori…
14k Art Nouveau Lavalier Pendant - Turquoise/Diamond/Pearl - Fine JewelryLoved by MyFavori…
Doorknob  - Tools and HardwareNew Item by Michell…
Style House #56 Lamp - Mid-Century ModernLoved by charmsom…
JEANNETTE GLASS - Cover Trinket Dish - Swan - 1940's - GlasswareLoved by aura
Yellow vases with cherry design - PotteryLoved by MyFavori…
Antique Victorian Fire Water Opal 10k 3 Stone Ring  - Fine JewelryLoved by valentin…
This has a faded tag on the bottom that seems to be Johnson Bros? - China and DinnerwareLoved by aura
Little Nessy - Art GlassLoved by aura
Bohemian Art Nouveau brooch with flowers. - Costume JewelryLoved by valentin…
Vintage Camera - Nikon Nikkorex F  - CamerasNew Item by cameragirl
UN KNOWN MARKER - China and DinnerwareLoved by aura
Empoli Vase  - Art GlassLoved by aura
Cristalleria Fratelli Betti  - Art GlassLoved by aura
Raeburn Dobson Artwork - Fine ArtLoved by Midnight1208
Details on this artwork - Fine ArtLoved by Midnight1208
sketches - Fine ArtLoved by Midnight1208
Need help identifying  signature... - Fine ArtLoved by Midnight1208
Glass beaded tassles,maybe pray beads? - Costume Jewelryvalen… says Hi Dan: I just look...
Victorian filigree butterfly  - SilverMidnight1208 says This is very nice. ...
Scandinavian Wedding Trunk? - FurnitureLoved by FatBoy64
Scandinavian  Chest Inside. - FurnitureLoved by FatBoy64
Dorson Jr. Date/Time Stamp Clock - Clocksfyeguy1 says Thank you for the t...
"An Alrose Original"  16" Green With White Stripe Art Glass Vase (Empoli?) /Made in Italy /Circa 20th Century - Art GlassLoved by Collecto…
Frog Surprise Mugs - Yellowware, mid-late 19th century - Possibly Baltimore Pottery - PotteryLoved by SEAN68
Flint Enamel Planters? Late 19th - Early 20th century  - PotteryLoved by SEAN68
ID help with insulator  - Tools and HardwareGlassyMcGee says Definitely a CD780....
Measured Time "Hawkeye" Timer/Clock  - ClocksWilli… says Does anyone know th...
PACKAGE VASE - Art GlassLoved by Manikin
Soaking up some Sun.... - GamesLoved by aura
69744-69791 of 180,522