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Generations of my family have cherished, saved...hoarded textiles and porcelain. Now, I need to figure out the history of much of it.


  1. @bernadette, that's cool that you can identify that! Looks like I need to refer to it as a 1930's machine and collect another one! I'll edit my description. Thanks!
  2. @bocc1018 I just looked at the back of mine and it also says 1431! For a brief time, my grandmother lived in Haden Heights, New Jersey! I'd love to know more, too!
  3. Thank you @fhrjr2! That makes this a really interesting piece for me then. And I think the student did a super job. What a nice project for high school. So much better than the ash trays we made in t...
  4. OOoooooohhh! @liz58 Super Interesting!!!! Thank you.
  5. @Spiritbear but I have to admit I'm embarrassed to have even asked that question though. Pretty rookie mistake on my part! LOL
  6. @Spiritbear Thank you! I broke another plate that said Bavaria, so I was clumsy with the wrong one. This is helpful to know as I sort through all her items. I'm wondering if is the early 1900's or ...
  7. Thank you, @nutsabotas6, @martika and @Gillian.
  8. Thank you @fhrjr2. I agree it was probably purchased here. It has a chunky carving instead of fine finish. So I guess my next question is if this is the budget basement version. If so, it sure has w...
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