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Jointer plane: Stanley? Gage? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
unknown edge tool - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Fulton jointer plane, No. 7 size - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
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  1. Sometimes turners will rough out the shape when the wood is still wet as the tools cut easier on wet wood. Later, after it dries, they will do the finish turning.
  2. This is a tooth set tool for two-man crosscut saws. Go here and scroll down and you will see your tool:
  3. It looks like a butcher knife that was used as a froe (to split wood,) given the deformation on the back of the blade--looks like it has been beat on a lot. Most froes have a wooden handle that is pe...
  4. A little more research revealed that the tool is used for "cleft grafting". Texas A&M (my alma mater '86) has a nice pictorial on how the tool is used:
  5. onceagain wins the prize! it is in fact a grating tool. thank you.
  6. Jacko66: Like Ripley206 said close...but not quite. I think that my piece could serve that purpose, but I don't know that a knife company which makes more precision type tools would make something tha...
  7. Ripley206: Yes it is definitely Ernest Voos. I found the same reference that dates the compny to 2009. You've sent me on the right path. thanks!
  8. Thanks T A. That's a start. There is a knife maker, Emil Voos, but no logo with an arrow through it.
  9. Two-hand sheep clippers:
  10. Yes, looks like a vacuum pump with moisture trap to me. I have a much newer vac pump, but similarly configured.
  11. I have a similar pair. they are animal shears--as I understand it they are used by vets to shave a small area down to the skin as needed for medical procedures.
  12. Bunion stretcher. AKA shoe makers swan.
  13. I think this a handsaw jointer. place a flat file in the slot and run it over the teeth of the saw. Used when one wants to cut new teeth with different spacing, or if the saw was poorly sharpened--it ...
  14. pictures 1 and 4: these are called breast drills as the flat top allows the operator to lean on it with his chest. the red circular cover looks like a Goodell-Pratt drill that I own.
  15. That's the granddaddy of the Skil #77 worm drive-yes, lots a torque. I know that it has been the #1 choice for framing carpenters of both my and my father's generation. I've owned 2, they last forever...
  16. It is shaped like a pointed (pointing) trowel, but I can't see where the small size would have a practical application.
  17. Wow! TubeAmp thanks for solving the mystery for me. I never would have guessed. (And Im a big fan of Lee Valley.) I think mine is an original as there are very slight variations compared to the repro...
  18. I have one of these. It's marked 4-in-1, and I thought one was missing. Then I found one more inside the smallest of the three shown. Check yours! (or maybe you are missing the smallest one
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