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I love vintage motorcycles. British, American, Japanese, Italian, German, it doesn't really matter. I can't really afford to collect what I want, so I collect what II love vintage motorcycles. British, American, Japanese, Italian, German, it doesn't really matter. I can't really afford to collect what I want, so I collect what I can. I'm happy with that. (Read more)


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  1. Thank you for that information, OliverSlay. I'm very pleased to meet you. It adds greatly to my personal value of the case being able to hear from a family member. Good luck with your research and...
  2. You're welcome Gatherer. Thanks. I have found and bought another one for parts.
  3. kraadams, That's pretty cool you found another one. No, I haven't found anything else on it. Oh well
  4. "I'm a Cowboy, on a steel horse I ride"
  5. I was just kiddin. I think you did excellent. Great piece, thanks for sharin'
  6. I would have paid twice that:-)
  7. Very rare bike. Thanks for sharing. And the interesting story too, Steve
  8. Hey beachbomb, I'd love to see some of your cars, especially some beachbombs if you have any.
  9. Great lookin Twingle! I love the way these things sound with that split single engine. I just found one the other day rustin away in a guys back yard. It's the later box tank model but it's still cool
  10. Beautiful "Sweet Sixteen" car. One of the original 16 released in 68
  11. Thanks officialfuel
  12. Thanks blunderbuss and trunkman
  13. Thanks kerry and tony
  14. Thanks Manikin:)
  15. I always loved the Sprints. Didn't know they made that downtube frame though. That must have only been done after AMF bought HD.
  16. Thanks Nate and Phil
  17. Does it shoot miniature caps?
  18. Thanks pickrknows and hot2cultcha
  19. I believe that's Mike Wolfe on the bike:)
  20. Had to post this. I know it's old, but it bugs me. It's a 1975 Honda CT90. The date of manufacture is on the steering stem, should read 1974
  21. Michael, you can get a lot of satisfaction restoring one of these and the engines are simple. There are yamaha clubs and forums online that can help. You should be able to find and download a service ...
  22. Yeah he has the cash but I don't think he enjoyed the satisfaction of doin a personal build. Must be very nice
  23. Thanks for the love Vontrike
  24. Thanks for the loves undreal and ttomtucker
  25. Thanks for the undeserved compliment. I'm not the last word on values but I would say 3 to 600 in present condition. A complete restoration, 2 grand or better. Here is some info on leading and trailin...
  26. Gotcha! It is reported as a running vehicle. It pays to be smart cause then ya know stuff. :)
  27. Ans I thought I was smart! :) Guess I should read all the posts first. I looked it up and saw how they constructed it on the spot.
  28. Thanks again officialfuel
  29. Nope, I think it's more like this 1965 YJ1 55cc bike and I'm gettin a deja vu on the fork deal. I don't know why they would use those forks when they already had telescoping ones. http://images.sea...
  30. I think it is earlier than that. It is a 90cc Yt model I believe. If this link works try it. I'll keep lookin.
  31. I can do some research but I would say more like early to mid sixties
  32. I'm assuming (hoping) this machine actually operates somehow with a hidden cockpit or something. Can you give a story about it?
  33. It may be a 50 but not a 650. I like the old bikes with those leading link front forks
  34. Very nice find! I would have bought them, too.
  35. You might want to try vapor blasting. It doesn't work as well on castings as media blasting but it's great for other parts and won't damage them. Also soda blasting ...
  36. I believe this to be a Rumi Super Sport. I know this post is old but I like old bikes, Italian included. Rumi was a foundry manufacturer in Bergamo Italy and made small bikes and scooters for awhile i...
  37. Sorry, forgot the link :)
  38. Thanks kerry, I'll check it out
  39. Thanks for the love kerry
  40. Thanks MattyG, I brake for animals and yard sales, too. (You had better brake for the animals on a bike!) :)
  41. Another link to some photos. 1978? Maybe you can study the photos and determine the exact year. I love Goozeez and would love to come across one of these.
  42. Here is a link to find manuals for this neat little jewel
  43. Not exactly sure of the year but Moto Guzzi did these in the late 70's with Benelli engines. They are 49cc 1.5 hp.
  44. The wheelchair belongs to a motorcycle bound veteran. The trucks are cool too. Thanks for the post.
  45. Hey thanks sanhardin and EJW-54
  46. HandymanTom, thanks for the offer. I've been away and just saw your post. With no markings of any sort, I have no idea the hp or any other info. I'll measure it and try to get more close ups.
  47. Once in a while somethin super cool comes out of China:)
  48. I wish someone could identify this motor for me. Was it customary to not mark these somewhere? I'd like to be able to find a hood for it.
  49. Appears to be a modified 5 tine fork. Possibly used for scoopin manure.:)
  50. Thank you ttomtucker
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