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I bought this patch on a army jacket back 1969 at a Thrift store for $1.00 high back then. I've looked though books an books and pages on the internet but can't findI bought this patch on a army jacket back 1969 at a Thrift store for $1.00 high back then. I've looked though books an books and pages on the internet but can't find this one. Any help thanks Bob Cobb. (Read more)


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  1. They have other plastic name they said this mirror was made out of Risen, I haven't looked it up yet I really haven looked on the back of it yet to see if theirs a name or number somewhere, it has 4 s...
  2. They called it Bakelite, I have a old carnival camera made in 1919 and it's made out of Bakelite, the camera was made for kids it's real small an they really worked
  3. It made of hard plastic back in the 1930' they had name for that hard plastic I think of name right now, I'll take it outside to get better pictures it weighs about 25 to 30 lbs.
  4. I have one but he's a painter no name on bottom, someone wrote someone's name and 1936.
  5. I bought one at a yardsale back in the late 1970's I gave $2.00 for it still works great
  6. I've been collecting since the 1980's got hundreds of JL an 19 boxes of Hot Wheels even thou I'm 65 I still buy once in awhile like you i love collecting them o haven't looked at mine in years an year...
  7. That's Waterbury CONN I misspelled it not Warerbury sorry
  8. I wonder who would have done a picture like this, it has no name nowhere
  9. What state do you live. I've been collecting for 50 years an have alot of arrowhead an stone axe's, here in the Ozarks of southern Missouri their still alot of them.
  10. I will put my collection on here soon I have them in storage an haven't seen them myself for awhile. I've been collecting since I was 12 that was back in 1968 and living in the Missouri Ozark is a gre...
  11. Back in the 70's I owned a real one just like I was 18 and bought it for $400.00 dollars keep it 20 years an then sold it a great car.
  12. Thanks
  13. Thanks Artfoot after looking them up an seeing them again from when I was a kid back in the 50' an 60's thanks alot I forgot about them.
  14. I know some people they have one some put electric motor on it looks great an plays great $150.00.
  15. Nice arrowheads I went yesterday after a big rain found one in the creek
  16. Kool I'll put my mine on Here soon as I find it it's a 2ft. Kentucky Bourbon thermometer I've had since was 18.
  17. I probably got 35 to 45 ashtrays I collect everything odd and you don't see anymore our kids don't collect stuff like we do I'm 63 and stuff was hard to come by when I was a kid we got two present a y...
  18. When I tell people I found it in a old they don't believe me and here you do the same thing. I was helping some people work on a old house they bought nobody live there for I know 30 years and we foun...
  19. Thanks guys
  20. Thanks I looked real one's and fake one's on the internet. I think I got a reproduction one but it's still worth $35.00.
  21. Thanks a lot for all the information what a story.
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