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Some fun finds this weekend! 
Ice Scooter ? - Toysin Toys
Sleighbells - Animalsin Animals
Sugar Pail ? - Kitchenin Kitchen
Phil's latest find 
 Davos Sleds - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods


  1. Thanks for the love officialfuel any ideas on what the scooter sled type of thing is?Maybe for on the ice? Was hoping someone here might know, but so far no luck.
  2. Thanks for the love TassieDevil, fortapache, blunderbuss and bobby725.. Any guesses or ideas on the scooter sled type of thing?
  3. Thanks for the love Official fuel any idea on what the scooter thing might be?
  4. Way cool truck Michael, love that red barn in the background too!
  5. I'm sure it will happen! (History Channels newest show Collectors Café) why wouldn't it? From what I see your place is a showcase with awesome antiques! The truck surely tops it off!
  6. Well I hit the Love It button like 20 times but it is not working for me for some reason. So add 1 to the love it! LOL
  7. Oh yes I see what you mean! Its a sweet lookin truck.. You always seem to find the best...:)
  8. You always seem to find the best!
  9. Love opals. Very pretty..
  10. Jeesh wish I had a friend like that. LOL
  11. Oh so cool! Haven't ever seen a glass tray... You always find the best!
  12. Wow, Merry Christmas to you! Oh sooo cool. Love, love, love it. I need to go picking with you. So love these things but never find any that looks this good. Merry Christmas!, and keep posting awesome...
  13. Nice find! Can't wait for more..:)
  14. Agree with them, Awesome collection of Antiques. Would love to hang there too. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
  15. Love it! Reminds me of being a kid....
  16. Thanks surfdub66...!
  17. Love it. What a good way to start a Monday out on, by looking at a new treasure of yours that you have posted... Also awesome finds.
  18. Oh so love the sleigh bells.. Awesome. Got some for Christmas present from my husband this year . Love them....
  19. Love them. Always look forward to u posting your next find. Seems u always find some good stuff
  20. Looks like someone got an early Christmas gift. LOL. Way cool. Looks awesome on the wall...
  21. Love it. Looks great with all your other things!
  22. Love it all. My fav would be the rocking horse. So cool You find the best stuff.
  23. Cool sign. You seem to always find the good stuff. Love looking at your collection of items. Way cool stuff...
  24. Thank you officalfuel for the love.. Bet you will be coming to Portland next week! :)
  25. Thanks for the information. Now I know....:)
  26. Have never heard of a firkin. Could you explain what it is?
  27. In the area I live back in the day these were known as sugar pails or buckets. The usual ones were deeper and had lids. This one just isn't as deep as the others I have seen. I have never seen any thi...
  28. Thanks for the love.
  29. Beran, Thanks so much for the info. Its always fun to figure out where something came from when you are unsure. I will try and do some research myself...:)
  30. Thanks for the love Inky.
  31. Manikin thanks for the love....
  32. Thanks for the love pw-collector...
  33. Thank you walksoftly for the love.
  34. Thank you officialfuel for the love. You too have a great week.
  35. Real cool sign. Looks like you found all the good stuff in Indiana. I also am from Indiana . Got the big sled and the smaller Davos from the Tractor and Engine Show at Portland.. We live just a coupl...
  36. Thanks for the comment. I have looked up the Davos. (the smaller ones.) Can't seem to find any information on the larger one. The name on it is Marke Arthur Muller. With 2 dots above the u in Muller. ...
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 Davos Sleds


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