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Fort Myers, Florida.

I love collecting art, pottery and oriental rugs all from Thrift Stores; can't beat a good bargain find.


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Make Up Lithograph - Fine Artin Fine Art
Satsuma Bowl - Asianin Asian
Lee Reynolds Vase - Potteryin Pottery
Embroidery after R. Leinweber painting of "Isaac Blessing Jacob". - Sewingin Sewing
What is it? - Animalsin Animals
Pottery - Potteryin Pottery
Kutahya Plates - Potteryin Pottery
Bellini Style Cane Back Chair - Furniturein Furniture
San Ildefonso Pottery  - Native Americanin Native American
French or Victorian? - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Try Asian Art Forum. They are very knowledgable about these pieces.
  2. Newfld, the beauty of this piece is in person. Im very lucky to have found it.
  3. Thank you racer4four. I searched on this site before posting it here. I did find another forum called Asian Art Forum where someone identified it as "Satsuma" as suspected and dates between the late M...
  4. I just purchased one today for $95. It is in good condition but mine has three instead of four drawers. its made of red mahogany.
  5. Hi Newfld, It's made of a very light carved wood.
  6. *Santa Clara
  7. I have an update on this piece; I posted it on another site and was told that this looked more like Santo Domingo pottery than Santa Cara. The search continues....
  8. I have one also but i have been led to believe that it is more Santo Domingo than Santa Clara. I love it just the same. Mine is well used and worn on the bottom.
  9. I am happy to report that I have identified my bamboo carving as Shou-Xing, the Chinese God of longevity. <a href="http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/chinese-mythology.php?deity=SHOU-XING">Godchecke...
  10. Thanks Worthit2. Hopefully someone can help us identify it.
  11. Hi, Were you able to figure out the first word in the triangle? I just found 5 of these plates and is trying to make it out.
  12. These are not great pictures to examine but the fact that it is not signed does not rule out Maria Martinez. she did not sign her early pieces between 1918-1923. She also did some pieces that she did ...
  13. Thank you Gillian.
  14. Thank you Anademery for the information and I am sorry for your loss. It is a beautiful piece indeed.
  15. Awesome!!
  16. Thank you Turtlerock. This piece will be with me for a long time. Do you mind sharing a pic? I'd love to see yours.
  17. Thank you CanyonRoad for such great info. I love this little bunny guy!
  18. What is the makers mark?
  19. Sorry about the question marks. I meant I have one in black.
  20. I have one in black????
  21. Thanks Valentino97
  22. It's very difficult to date ivory but I have saved the picture to show one of the doctors at the hospital where I work because he is Chinese; he might know what it says on the bottom.
  23. Cool; it's a lovely piece of art.
  24. Is the base wooden or the same material?
  25. I see; I thought the bottom was the one shown with the pegs. It looks like a chess piece but I am speculating.
  26. This is ivory and I can tell by the tell tale schreger lines present in mammoth and elephant ivory. Such a lovely piece. It is most likely the Queen from a chess set. How did you acquire it?
  27. Thanks Dizzydave; I'm glad to find out what it is. I love this site :).
  28. Thank you for not painting it and saving the original fabric under he modern cover. I just posted a similar style today. It might be shaker furniture.
  29. Hi Efesgirl! I purchased it at a thrift shop in Fort Myers Florida.
  30. Yes it is blunderbuss2; it's shaped like an egg and moves about in there. Very cool carving.
  31. Thanks Scott. I emailed them and is looking forward to hearing from them. The table is very heavy.
  32. What a collection!
  33. Thank you to all!
  34. I have an identical one and would love to hear from someone.
  35. This is definitely hand made!!! I love the color.
  36. This is MASSIVE????!
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