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I collect items that pertain to aircraft manufacturing, pins, patches, badges, pictures, models and more.


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Viola from KMOX  Radio Early 1930's - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
Mel's Merry Makers from KRLD - Photographsin Photographs
Degen's Brewery - Brewerianain Breweriana
Combat Lancer and Harvest Reaper - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Colonial Airlines Hat - Advertisingin Advertising
Are these Colonial Airline flatware as well? - Advertisingin Advertising
Colonial Airlines Fork and Spoon Silver plate - Advertisingin Advertising
Colonial Airline Postcards - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage portable Clothes Line 
Time Bomb Clock - Clocksin Clocks


  1. This looks like a factory painted item. What you want it to look like when it is done is up to you. I prefer orignal colors and finishes. It looks great like it is, for the border, a little bit of so...
  2. Nice Barcroft table lighter, made by Zippo.
  3. This looks like a Barber bottle.
  4. Welcome to the real world of accumulators. Nice strong box
  5. oops, sorry about the editing fail above! LOL that should read "for all I know"
  6. Here is a train of thought, at least 3 different manufactures of the jeep, many more subcontractors. Lots of experiments for functionality, including airbone operations. Light weight wheels would be...
  7. Hi, This is a paper embosser. Look at the marks under a magnifying glass and you may see some letters. Darken the embossing by lightly rubbing the side of the lead of a wooden pencil over just the top...
  8. Nice, with a "themed" room I almost know what to expect. However, with a collectors house, every turn is an exciting adventure. Thanks
  9. You could buy almost anything from Monkey Wards or Sears. Concrete blocks were not common every where, so you could make your own. Here is a link that will have every thing about that subject you will...
  10. I think this is a coat rack. Installed near the kitchen stove / heater/ flue you would hang your coats on this and they would either dry, or warm up just a bit. Not a lot of heat, but just a bit of r...
  11. This was made between 1896 and 1910 by Eugene Lefebvre, a French silversmith who did a tremendous amout of French Art Nouveau.
  12. Very nice, but I think this is really a page turner, and not a letter opener. Ivory is one of those items that needs very good pictures (several) or to be held in the hand to verify what is is, or mo...
  13. Thanks guys and gals!
  14. This is a modern glass, and that the art work looks artifically aged. First guess is that it is a commerative glass celebrating the brewery.
  15. The card board beer flat or hull is most likely worth more than the cans. Pearl beer made Billy beer down around my way, and yes that stuff was awful. I see them sell every now and then, but untill yo...
  16. Thanks officalfuel. Mary around here in north central Texas, it would go for about 100. to 150. or so in this condition. I hope that helps.
  17. It is a hay bale spear. So you can lift bales to the loft when its farther than you can pitch 'em.
  18. It is a French ewer. They came in pairs, and were great decorator items for many years, and still are of course!
  19. I love this clock. Having only found 2 in the last several years, I bought both of them. The insides are jamed packed with electronics of the day, quite heavy and large ( 7 1/2 tall and 8 1/2 inches w...
  20. I have a stand alone base just exactly like this. However, mine has an edison base, at the top, and I have screwed a vintage dimmer and lamp into it. One or the other could have been modified, or your...
  21. It's a table top machine, and it should have some kind of data plate, or model number on a tag or sticker some where. These are the nice ones that don't take up too much room and have lots of characte...
  22. Very nice
  23. Thanks Step-back
  24. Plain, concentric rings, and a fellow blowing an Alphorn
  25. These souvenir mugs could be made with a varity of bottoms. Most chose the topless lady, as they were young and brash.
  26. Are the year dates carved into the prop hub, or are they applied? A nice mantel piece.
  27. It does remind me of an inspector, prehaps at an aircraft factory or ordance manufacturing plant, in the states. Note the red shirt and tie and magnifying glasses on his head, with an absence of comb...
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