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  1. I have only seen one chair. A rocker with metal supports. I was advised it was the work of Stomps Burkhart co Dayton Ohio. & I do not know this for a fact.
  2. I would suggest, you were in the wrong antique shop. this chair design is typical of the 1890's. veneer Backing Applied decoration.
  3. You got a deal. It looks to be the work of Han's J Wegner. a retro shop normaly won't tell you any thing. but if the chair was mine. it would not be going anywhere.
  4. Mule ear chair. likely to be from Kentucky. Hand carved.
  5. Your in the right area, for this sort of thing. just check some of your local Antique shop's as to who they use for caneing repair and then go from there.
  6. It can be redone. the problem is finding some one who can do a basket weave. 99% percent who do caneing. don't do a basket weave.
  7. Hc Dexter co.
  8. The chair design, is what you would expect to see in a Lolling chair. in this case a rocker.
  9. Typical spindle back rocker. Enamel paint. could be circa 1930's thru the 1950's
  10. It is and Eastlake Cabinet.
  11. Nurseing Rocker. Circa 1900 1910.
  12. Victorian Rocker Pressed cane. Commonly called Nurseing rockers.
  13. Lion Head Rocker. Circa 1900 thru 1920. Look's to be Mahogany, cleaned up at auction $200.00 +
  14. You are correct it is Veneer.
  15. The ebay price is Ridiculos. There were Numerous company's designing this type of chair. I simply suggested, Wisconsin Chair.
  16. Your chair is Oak. Date's to about 1897, Could possibly be the work of Wisconsin Chair co. a couple Hundred Dollars.
  17. It's called a Dexter. Designed Hc Dexter co Black river, NY, average values are $150.00 Dollars
  18. It's another version of a Plantation chair. This one being Canadian.
  19. It's called a ''Dexter '' After Hc Dexter Chair co. of Black River, ny,This one is Nice !!. But the values average $150.00 Dollars.
  20. I'am sorry I'am not equipped for picture takeing. I'am A senior & it's all new to me.
  21. This chair was designed Circa 1886 or 1887. Reference used. Colonial Revival Furniture. By David P. Lindquist & Caroline c. Warren Photo is included.
  22. It's called a spinning wheel rocking chair. some of the top section is missing. complete this chair sell's in the $600.00 to $ 800.00 Dollar range.
  23. The style is known as a Marlborough chair. The design is very old, but this chair is 1920's
  24. Mule Ear rockers. present value about $125.00 Per chair.
  25. Some would call those honey dippers. still no help for ID.
  26. It's a tipical spindle back rocker with a saddle seat. 1900 to 1920.
  27. 1890 to 1900 is correct. it's more English, then American. it's called a Barrel chair.
  28. $250.00 to $300.00 Dollars.
  29. Victorian, Button back nurseing rocker.
  30. Honestly. No. But we are here to answer your question's.
  31. It is a modified version. of a Lincoln rocker. the spindle's would not normaly be there but it's the whim of the Mfg'er.
  32. Empire Revival Design. Likely it had springs.
  33. Common Design.
  34. These chairs have been a round about a 100 years. but the majority, date to the 1930's and 40's.
  35. Empire style Barrel back. 1900 to 1920.
  36. It's a Dexter rocker.
  37. It is a Gothic style rocker. Stomps Burkhart co. was known for this design, they closed in 1928
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