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"Nippon Tokusei" backstamp identified - Potteryin Pottery
made for Nippon domestic market - Potteryin Pottery


  1. I would agree with Gillian. At one time it was probably one piece of a vanity/dresser set. The dome lid is indicative of such trinket boxes.
  2. The "maple leaf" backstamp dates back to 1891. If the maple leaf itself measures 1/4" , it's authentic. If it measures 1/2",it's a fake. I collect Nippon sugar bowls; this one is gorgeous...I'm droo...
  3. From my understanding; the word Nippon puts it in the 30 yr time frame of 1891-1921. In March of '21, the US government decided that the word Nippon was a Japanese word and it needed to be changed to ...
  4. Thanks wexval, for information. I think the older we get, the more appreciation we have for history...a lot we can learn from it. Too bad it keeps repeating itself, though. Guss, first I've heard ...
  5. Agreed! But you know, the pre WWII wares have a better workmanship quality to them, I think. There are obvious reasons for that. We had to hit Japan hard in the end the war. I believe I read...
  6. This is quite a brain teaser; but isn't that the fun of it? Thanks Robin, for the Gotheborg resource, and Mike...I'd agree, nothing there that would identify this mark. I'm beginning to wonder if it'...
  7. lucky dog, you! You were in the right place at the right time! Beautiful
  8. It is lovely...Since the backstamp reads "Nippon", we know it cannot be dated any more recently than 1921. I would love to get my hands on a complete Nippon Vanity set; which would include powder box,...
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