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  1. thanks moonhill... i did what you said when i aquired the bowl and came up with nothing even similar to the decoration but i have seen a few with the same opaline ruby near the edge
  2. thank you both and glad to see they are murano.
  3. Any one with any insight as to what i bought.. It has found a new home with family but id like to know what i gifted. TIA
  4. Hi, i still have been searching but no maker or pattern confirmed. Any help is appreciated. Thank You :)
  5. Hi, Still looking for any confirmation on what i was told to be factual or anyone that can direct me to the correct pattern name or maker. Thanks ;)
  6. Hi All, i recently received info on this about maker and product line but i have yet to confirm it. Does anyone know if this is Cambridge Everglade Line? i see different patterns in this link on Cambr...
  7. Still looking for information on this piece ... any help is appreciated! TIA
  8. Still hunting information on this bowl... i have been search9ing for many months now and still nothing :(
  9. Hi All, im still looking for information on this bowl. maker,age,pattern name?
  10. hi and thank you TallCakes... any input is appreciated. I have been searching and still nothing, its a beautiful well detailed bowl I hope I find the maker.
  11. Hi Loumanal (bob) and Aimathena there is no trace of any kind of paint. the detail is very intricate and I know I have seen the center base rayed star some where before US Glass, Cambridge,Tiffin,Heis...
  12. Mac63 i liked the link that you but im confused..LOL Loetz? or Kralik? mine has No Leaves as you can see B-)
  13. Ohhhh... thanks again Czechman never new that ;)<tips Hat> and thank you Bratjdd
  14. Hi Czechman thanks for the ID so the glass was made in bohemia and the rim is english? isnt the standing lion mark for english registry? i was thinking webb or williams as a possible maker
  15. thanksgain Bruce99.. i also had help withthe potter that made the surround and it appears to be Edouard Gilles
  16. Hi Vetraio50 i tried searching for your links but not much came up but the link you provided did show a clock with the same technique of flowers as my decoration on my clock.. I truly appreciate the h...
  17. Maryh1956 yes i did indeed googled his name and i did see the potters mark. It looks identical to mine and then i came across another vase with 3Dimensional Details with 3#'s just like mine but the #'...
  18. Thanks you Vertaio50 and Maryh1956 .. its the most info i have gotten in over 20+years of owning it.:)
  19. Hi Bruce99, thanks for the heads up about the link i will check it out, but im a little confused is the brass bar coming out of the bottom of the brass enclosure not a pendulem? Im not sure if it ever...
  20. Hi Autionbarbie, your bowl was made by Northwood and the pattern is called Strawberry. the color appears on my screen to be Green not Ice or Lime.. i hope this helps :)
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