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Depression Glass with blossoms, may be Libby - Glasswarein Glassware
Sterling silver Russian sword dagger - Silverin Silver


  1. Uncle Ron,thank you for your information. I was able to research it a bit and had an idea that it was not an actual knife, but a ceremonial piece, especially because it has a medallion and chain with...
  2. OK, for some reason it went through this time. I will try to add additional photos and text, thanks for your patience, don't know why it don't work before, computers are sometimes ornery.
  3. Sorry to ask so many questions unrelated to your beautiful dagger !! just want to be able to continue the conversation with you and get aome input and response to my photos and item.
  4. I was under the impression that I already created an account when I signed up, I chose a username, "Gamagina" and have a password. Am I missing something, is there another account that I need to crea...
  5. There was no "post this item" at the bottom of the page, so I clicked on "save" and it said waiting while it was saved. If you save an item where does it go. I list on ebay all the time and I have n...
  6. I tried to post photos and description a few hours ago, it did not seem to show up, may not be looking in right place. Me, not computer genius. I hit "save " after posting, was I supposed to do some...
  7. I decided to post it in MIlitary instead of jewelry, wondering if you think this one is also a wedding dagger, could be because the blade is not sharp.
  8. Hi, I am new to CW and also have an interest in this dagger. I have what I believe to be a 19th century Russian dagger with sheath and the 84 Russian silver mark and a city mark that I cannot quite ...


RARE Small pendant dagger former Russian wedding silver belt buckle - Russian Caucasus


posted 4 years ago