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Antique Cameo Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique Glass Box With Rotating Lid - Glasswarein Glassware
Art Nouveau Bronze Sculpture Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau Pitcher - Potteryin Pottery
19th Century Silver and Glass Compote Centerpiece  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Spatter Glass Jug? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Aqua Tentacle Pottery Planter - Potteryin Pottery
Antique Rookwood Pitcher - Potteryin Pottery
Victorian Glass Berry or Butter? - Glasswarein Glassware
Antique Cloisonné Gilded Base With Cut Glass Vase  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. Thank you. Tried to paste all sides so you could see all birds but not successful.
  2. Got it! It is not Kralik but It is s Magic Sands Peter Vizzusi Studio Art Glass Vase. Yay!
  3. I am thinking Kralik glass. It is beautiful!
  4. Thank you for your time! I read that historically early writers used to carve wells in rocks to hold different colored pigments. I still think we are right....
  5. I just did over an hour of research and no luck. Found several faceted edge single inkwells in crystal but no multi-wells. I have puzzled over the shape of the finial and have an idea as to its shap...
  6. Thank you for the love!
  7. Thank you for pondering this with me TassiDevil. It does make sense. I had the same thought and did a short search for such an item but didn't come up with any. I will do a more thorough search now...
  8. Thank you racer4four! It's not glass, my favorite collectible, but looks like it could be ;)
  9. Thank you ford the love and comments. I get what you are saying about leaving some patina. There is some, but I could have left more for certain. :)
  10. Thank you dizzydave. I will look into it. As fas as photo, I tried to photo it but it is the size of a pencil tip! Magnification x8 to see the letters. I guess my photography skills are a out as g...
  11. Thank you everybody for the love!
  12. Thank you Efesgirl for the leads, I did find several sights that had tentacle items but no matches close enough. I find researching tentacle pieces causes me to cringe and screech.
  13. Thanks for all the love and comments! Belltown, I have only had three dogs, all Golden's. Sweet photo.
  14. LOL! This makes bringing it home worth it even if I never find out the maker.
  15. Now you got me scared. What do you suppose would happen if I put it in water?
  16. Yes! I am sure though that it has a story ;)
  17. That is so funny! Fortunately I found the "C". Thank you for the love!
  18. Kivatinitz your link prompted me to continue research and I think I found the maker. They are French and made by the Maison of Henry Normant who made quality gilt bronze and champleve items 1850 to 1...
  19. Thank you Seane68!
  20. Hi Kivatinitz, Thank you for the link. There are definite similarities in the enameling and wheel carving. Also the angel hair is defined in the same way. Thank you for the lead. I think they are ...
  21. Thank you all for the love everyone! This pair is exquisite and I couldn't leave them even though they are not my style. My research: champleve, ormolu, gilded bronze mounts, French, Lois XV, art n...
  22. Love it. Looks like a tango rocket vase by Kralik! Has the Czecho Slovakia mark in an oval which is right I think. Not for certain, but check it out. I see Loetz name attached to similar vases. ...
  23. Wow! I don't come across such beautiful glass at the thrift shops around here. I find a lot of Murano, but rarely anything unique. I also find Blenko, an American company that made quirky pieces th...
  24. Inky, I looked at your domain and see you are from New Zealand. I am from California, USA. Crazy small world when a person on another part of the globe helped me identify a little vase. I saw a...
  25. You got it right! I am convinced that the vase IS by Dan Bancila enough so that this is solved. You are brilliant, thank you so much! So kind of you to take up my search with me. I have been obse...
  26. Inky, I googled bronze overlay glass from Spain and nothing came of it. Do you have a suggestion for google search? I would like to solve this mystery :)
  27. Yes, mystery is what drives me (crazy!). I buy glass sometimes because it intrigues me and I want to find out more about it. When I can't find an answer I go positively insane. I have been a glassn...
  28. Thank you antiquerose and Alan for your help. I am afraid that the powder didn't help much as the etch is shallow. Maybe you will see something I don't. I removed one of the photos to show pontil a...
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