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  1. I also like the Chevelle next to it.
  2. That coke room is really looking GOOD !
  3. Proud dad and thank you for raising a beautiful son.
  4. Boy that is sweeeeet from 1953. From the pictures it looks mint. Its hard to find mint these days but you scored a bea u tee there !
  5. Oh and a Chevy won at Indy Sunday. So your truck fits right in.
  6. Ever since I was a kid Indy and Memorial weekend went together like mom and apple pie. Thanks for the memories.
  7. Great old GULF sign. Nice find in that shape.
  8. My wife used to live in Corn Wall on Hudson. That’s by Westpoint. Are you anywhere near that city ?
  9. Wow what a terrific find. Love that old architecture and it stands the test of time. Just a truly lovely home. I have been watching this old house since the 1980’s . Your home reminds me of many episo...
  10. I will say this your stuff keeps me coming back. Sometimes things can get a bit stale on here. But that’s life.
  11. Hey there’s a gulf sign. My favorite besides Coca Cola. I think you might have a little more work there Trey. But those are some great fines.
  12. I went back and looked at some of your old posts. I must say you have great taste and a great collection. Keep them coming.
  13. Great show and funny as hell.
  14. Artfoot....ok and I tend to agree with you. Somebody just added neon to a 60’s coke sign. Then added the gasoline neon to the bottom. It’s cool to look at but it’s just a fantasy piece. Thanks for y...
  15. 39 episodes and I have seen them all many times. Bang zoom !
  16. Let’s destroy tobacco and alcohol before it kills our adults.
  17. Help you Coca Cola collectors. Just need some imput. Thanks
  18. Nice find for sure. But wow that coke clock is a knock out. Just love those. Where are your Gulf signs ? Lol.
  19. Now that’s the heartbeat of America. Awesome my favorite is the old pick up.
  20. Cool cool cool.
  21. Sure miss the old days.
  22. Cool I’d love to see your stages of restoration as you progress. Keep us up to date. Thanks. I’ve got a cavalier 72 all restored and it’s got the adjustments on bottle size. You can keep beer in the...
  23. It’s the same only more so for old restored cars. I’ve seen people sell for 50% of what they had in a car after it was completely restored. Resto mods especially. IMO.
  24. One question, how do you fit the vette in there ?
  25. Gulf is where it’s at. Lol. No really any petroleum products gets my wheels spinning from the past. Paying 23.9 a gallon for my gas hog 64 GTO was great back then. The guys in the back seat were alway...
  26. That 55 Chevy is looking for you. Meet me on the outskirts of town. Don’t bring the guy with the glasses. Last time I lost. But I’m back. Lol. Love those 32 ford 5 window coupes. So does everyone el...
  27. I don’t even look at those signs anymore. It’s really sad that people make those signs and try to pass them off a old and authentic. The coke guide is what I use and only coke signs today. Even there ...
  28. That’s one piece that I’m always confused about. So I just don’t buy any. Those look good like daddy nobucks says.
  29. Sorry Toronado. But it was as powerful as a tornado. Haha.
  30. Too bad olds isn’t still with us. They had some really cool cars back in the day. Rocket 88, 442, and tornado. Just to name a few.
  31. Nize !!
  32. I believe the engine in the 917 Porsche was two flat 6 cylinder engines combined to make a flat 12 cyl engine. They did not have the V configuration.
  33. Ah yes the SS 396/375 Hp Chevelle. Hot car back in it’s day.
  34. Most of those that I have seen always have chips or cracks on the crown. Nice piece you have there.
  35. RC Cola that brings back memories from the 60’s. I think the trade mark indicates the same period. Cool item.
  36. Hello Mary Lou good bye heart. Such wonderful memories.
  37. Sorry I meant CW gang. Had too much food and fun today ...I’m beat
  38. It’s all about family during holidays and if they live close enough it’s all the time. Happy Easter to all the WC gang.
  39. Yeah The Beach Boys favorite song. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Beatles went away Haha. Happy Easter.
  40. If it says Gulf I’m in. Love it for sure.
  41. Still enjoy all their albums today and listen on my iPhone with wireless speakers. Back in 1964 they were on Ed Sullivan’s show and I still remember those few words . “ lady’s and gentlemen the Beatle...
  42. That’s the way to buy one. Looks mint to me. Nice find in that shape.
  43. Drop that on your Corvette and you would not be happy. That’s a hard call to make. Love your garage just awesome.
  44. Cool gas pump and the Mobilgas pump is also cool. Did you get that one also ?
  45. This sign has been reproduced in India a lot. This looks like one of them. I would not touch it with a ten foot pole. Buyer beware. If this sign were the real thing the workmanship would be perfect. L...
  46. Oh yeah and thanks David.
  47. CW has always been my favorite place for information if in doubt. As always I love looking at all the wonderful collections that you all have. Thanks.
  48. You bet hang that up. Love it.
  49. Love it please post more. Thanks
  50. Wow I love anything Mobilgas. Cool station and cool place to stage pictures of 60’s muscle cars. Actually even the new mustang, camaro and charger.
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Coca Cola sign ? Is this a reproduction sign ? Help !! Large metal Coke sign 1940's? Coca Cola Porcelain Sign - Made in Canada