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Primitive Hand Carved Wood Mask Very Thick Quite Old From The Looks Of It - Fine Artin Fine Art
Ceramic Greek Revival Wine Decanter Lion Handle Marked Czecho-Slovakia - Bottlesin Bottles
Ornate metalwork piece with stones stamped CZECHO SLOVAKIA  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Please help in identifying this find 
Unidentifiable Sandwich Glass Pattern And/Or Maker - Glasswarein Glassware
Can you identify this maker's mark? - Glasswarein Glassware
What is this primitive carved wooden object? 
Anyone know the origin of my golden lion container? - Figurinesin Figurines


  1. Thank you again, mp.kunst! No, I haven't found anything remotely like this since you provided the first link for Live Auctioneers. So, there are several of these ewers in existence. I found mine at...
  2. mp.kunst, again thank you. And thank you for everyone's comments. Will certainly post what I am able to find out!
  3. mp.kunst, thank you! I will keep you informed... Happy Holidays!
  4. Noob... I have to disagree with you that this mask was 'made up', unless someone 'made it up' for fun a long time ago. There is some real age on this carved wood. It may not even be attributable to...
  5. Hi, ho2cultcha! So you think that opening is a mustache? I was of the mind that it is a mouth - smiling, at that. If it is a smile, I have never seen a mask as happy-looking as this one. The wood....
  6. Thank you, Broochman! I think it is too! I appreciate the comment!
  7. Valentino97, based on information from another CW member, I looked at every site I could find that referenced Neiger Brothers. Based off of what I found, the age, workmanship and design of this objec...
  8. Thank you! After following your lead and researching Neiger Brothers, it certainly does appear to be Neiger Brothers! I believe it to be a jewelry stand.
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