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I'm a photographer and collect ephemera mostly and synthesizers.


  1. Thanks glassiegirl for the assessment. And for the laughs all of you! Wasn't expecting that.
  2. Honest and modest too, I might add. Lol! Thanks again my fine lady.
  3. LMAO!!!
  4. Well alright! Thank you again, Martika for your generosity and expertise. I really appreciate it. J
  5. Thank you Marta! This was along the lines of what I had guessed but the example you provided really affirms it. Mystery solved!! Nice work Martika, I appreciate that very much indeed. JT
  6. Hey NB's thanks my friend! That is my best selling print. My brother lives in Tokyo. He, like quite a few of my good friends, married a Japanese girl. He's been over there for 11 years now and b...
  7. Thanks welzebub!
  8. I'm just happy the letter is one of the more legible of my 19th century correspondence. Hahahahaha
  9. Hmmm, I suppose it would be a good subject for such analysis but for what reason other than curiosity?
  10. Thanks for the photo kudos. I appreciate that. When putting items on eBay I have found good photos help. I thought the bookends were onyx but am not certain. Appreciate the comments.
  11. I know, right! Timeless. Had fun shooting them too. Spent about half hour doing that with a single light bulb, bounced off the ceiling and long-ish exposures.
  12. Indeed. From a line of independent minded women. Very kind of you.
  13. I love em too. Got roughly half scanned. They are all glued to non archival pages so many if not most are fading fast. Some photos from this album were shot by my great grandma and some by the phot...
  14. Hahahahaha yeah man, mules. Definitely. It seems that perhaps I get a bit hasty on the descriptions when posting on breaks at work. Observant you are my friend. Appreciate that!
  15. Man that is one sweet bentwood seat. Beautiful, to my eye.
  16. Outstanding. I know nothing of Bohemian Art Glass but I know lovely work when I see it. Fine taste you have!
  17. Lovely piece. You have good taste antiquerose!
  18. Killer diller. Love that black cat!
  19. I did not know there was such a camera with 4 tube camera. Learned something new and interesting. Thanks my man! Oh and have you ever exposed a plate with it?
  20. Man that is one nice piece of glass with the Moretti bead inclusions! Do I have that right? Moretti millefiori? I have done a little lamp working, years ago and remember the Moretti beads. I see...
  21. Oh well..I would like to see the old Panopticon prison, where Castro was jailed. It's now a national monument and museum. Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isla_de_la_Juventud
  22. I have often wondered just that Celiene. Somehow I don't think so! Thanks for the comments. I'm glad to share this with people who think it's interesting. Seems not many are terribly as interested ...
  23. Thanks for the comments all. Her name was Anne M. O'Donnell.
  24. Before the Revolution, my grandparents used to go there about once a month. Grandma would paint street scenes.
  25. Yeah, the photo is dated (literally, right on the image) yet timeless. It's probably my favorite. Hope Cuba is able to retain her authentic culture and not succumb to the easy veneer of cheap cons...
  26. May as well show and tell some photos from the collection of images from Isle of Pines. Some good ones from the old albums. 1899-1917. Will be difficult to pick just 4. Appreciate the time in comme...
  27. Thanks on behalf of grandma, Jean. The man un that painting is my great grandfather Roy. An interesting guy he was. My great grandparents moved to the Isle of Pines (isle de la juventud) Cuba in 1...
  28. Grandma would be happy to hear that. Thanks on her behalf. Yes, a cleaning would be in order. The colors would be brighter for certain. Appreciate the suggestion Celiene.
  29. Appreciate the comments all! Grandma would be satisfied knowing her work was seen and appreciated. This is a scanning project I've been meaning to do for some time now. I'm a little more than half...
  30. A special work. I did have a really large one, 2.5' tall with free earring hoops but she was knocked over. I still have her head as yard art. Thanks for the comments. I'll be sure to tell my friend...
  31. Think I read he did all his own stunts, which look very dangerous some of them, e.g. the one you mentioned. Thanks Scott!
  32. Wow thanks Thomas! I really don't know much on motion picture memorabilia but I knew right away this was special and worth conservation.
  33. Wish I had the dag.
  34. That is exactly correct Scott. Probably should have mentioned that. Thanks!
  35. Hey there folks, thanks for the comments. Speaking of Garfield, I posted my Western Union telegram, on the event of Garfield's assassination and the cover. my 3rd great grandfather was an active...
  36. Hey folks, I really appreciate the information. I thought it was a hymn. the term Lied is new to me. When I translate the word it says it means "Log" however. Yes indeed slackjack, I know the story...
  37. I agree!
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