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  1. Very interesting. Close enough of a match. Just a little geography difference :) I really appreciate the info!
  2. Thanks for the comment. The legs do not lift off. It belonged to my late mother in law, who had been all over the world. So we had no idea where this could be from.
  3. Ah! So it's a "TV tray table" with faux Asian design :) I like it regardless it's an antique or not. Thank ya'll!
  4. Educated myself: "The largest and most diverse group of caddies are the wooden boxes or chests. The high cost of tea assured its status as a luxury item and necessitated a secure container for its sto...
  5. Aha! Yes, the boxes are lined with paper looking material. Thank you so much for resolving the mistery .
  6. We have one in the family similar to yours.
  7. Yes, it does have a circular "stamp" under the word "Made in France". ok, got the "homework" and I will take more pics. the problems are, A, I anit good at taking pictures, flash, no flash... B. this ...
  8. Mystery resolved then! Thanks! I have to give u more puzzles :)
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