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  1. Just picked up a working example of this model today. The video game like balance screen is very cool.
  2. Looks very similar to banks made by John Pettus Johnny Ceramics
  3. I have subsequently learned what this is. One of the the Ski Car towers at the 1933-34 Century of Progress Fair Grounds in Chicago. You can see one of the cars on the cables and it's shadow on the gro...
  4. Thank you for the ID information, I thought it was something a little beyond the ordinary yard sale 50 cent nic nac find.
  5. Thanks kivatinitz, looks like a real possibility.
  6. Stick one on it's end with a red hot tip of a pin. If it smells like ammonia it's celluloid, if it smells like an old overheating electric motor it's Bakelite. If it won't stick at all its glass.
  7. I have one of these in storage. Are they worth cleaning out and offering for sale as a Petroliana collectable.
  8. Discovered today the name of the beer is actually Buffet and was one of 6 different beers Miller was producing at the time. The label is wrinkled a little bit causing the t to look more like an r.
  9. I checked with the company they gave a range for that logo of 1930s to 50s . Possibly early 60s. They don't keep accurate records of earlier products.
  10. Off hand I don't know anymore than you do about it. Probably pre WWI. I know in later years Chief Oshkosh was a brand name they used for 1 of their beers.
  11. Thanks ,I put softer springs on the rear. Much smoother ride for 1 person cruising the beat up antique asphalt county roads in central Wisconsin.
  12. Water pump impeller from the outboard motor on Noah's Ark.
  13. I was surprised that I could not find another example on the web anywhere. Apparently they used the same model number and base for a non ducted fan. That's the only one I could find pictures of.
  14. Thanks for the look-ups. This cup is designed just like the Scovill patent. Rumpp may have been just stamping his firms mark on Scovill made cups he was distributing. May have decided to just shorten ...
  15. Trikebuilder, could you post a picture of it in show and tell just to prove I wasn't hallucinating about a Harley Davidson branded version.
  16. Not a toy at all CW. I'ts an automotive accessory
  17. Looks like a German Wein burner
  18. I figured out the signature as being A. Vellio. Apparently a fairly common pseudonym for run of the mill decorative paintings.
  19. Have listened and it plays nicely the songs that it is supposed to have. Are You Lonesome Tonight A side and I Gotta Know B Side.
  20. Thanks Tommy1002 for looking that up, I didn't know there was a guide like that out there.
  21. Mint or near mint first run hobbles from a number of bottlers are few and far between. I have seen them sell for as much as $50 a piece for some bottler locations. Not exactly a dime.
  22. Have you ever found anything out about this mutant Coke bottle. Have never read anything about these. Looks like a manufacturing flaw.
  23. I don't think Wis. started using those stickers until after prohibition was repealed. I gather 1921 refers to something other than the year the wine was sold.
  24. Turns out he was in the Battle of the Bulge with the 106th Inf., their insignia was this ball design with a facing lion head in the middle. Must have just never got around to the finer more difficult ...
  25. Thanks for finding that for me. Looks like the right one. I tried searching but couldn't come up with it. Think I'll go back to the place tomorrow and see if any of the family knows if that's what he ...
  26. Grounded receptacle, hasn't been out of use too long.
  27. The Pope. Thank you, Should've guessed that.
  28. A7's used to target prctice at a nearby range WOW were they ever loud.
  29. Looks like a wick trimmer for lamps.
  30. Thanks dd. Good to know, never imagined that.
  31. Doesn't look much like Madona
  32. Bakelite is a synthetic plastic and the base is Bakelite. The same material used in many portable radio cabinets , electrical and telephone molded components of the period. There is no fluid in the do...
  33. Nice little laundry stove.
  34. Have you looked all the pieces over for any markings or logos. What does the plaque read.
  35. According to my research the mark on our pieces is the early Red Wing Co. lower case line over & under rumrill mark .
  36. Actually this is the mark I found that most looks like it. http://users.solarus.net/~xcentrik/rummark.jpg
  37. Check that Brush theory ,I guess that was a different piece I was thinking about. Here is a picture of the actual base of the pink one I have and I think what I came up with at one time on it actually...
  38. I have that exact one in pink the mark is a little more legible and think it is BRUSH but not certain. Anyway that's a maker to start looking at.
  39. They are very scarce with labels intact. Nice find.
  40. It's a mass produced hand painted old sea captain painting. Thousands were produced anonymously and are worth basically nothing although you will see them priced in the hundreds and even thousands wit...
  41. Thompson Boat Company of Peshtigo WI came to mind when I first saw this.
  42. Redbook collector guide number 301-5 . 1912-32 production.
  43. Aren't they called Hill Climbers ?
  44. Thanks for the information. Too bad no real car actually had that grille design. It's kind of like the Pontiac Trans -Am Firebird hood decal only way ahead of it's time.
  45. I had forgotten that I had a box of these preserve jars with tin lids found at a country estate auction one time. I decided to do some research on them and found some ID information for the type you d...
  46. These are a fairly common trash pit find. Almost every one I have ever found has chips or cracks. Most have base embossing but some do not have any print there. Must have been a brittle glass formula....
  47. National was the grocery store chain. The tool is a simple table knife. Was a fairly common type lid on many product jars of the period 1940-60s. Not that easy to find in good shape now.
  48. A little information I’ve discovered on this type of lamp. Apparently this particular lamp was actually made by Linderman & Hoverson of Milwaukee Wis. who called them the "Anchor Torch". There is an...
  49. Thanks for the input. I also came up with CWC as a possible maker or a Snyder made Rollfast as a possible manufacturer. The chain guard shape appears to have been used by CWC and Rollfast. The short s...
  50. No, that's the writing on the canyon wall by the names.
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