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KW period cold weather cap  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
polish wz 2005  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
mining rescue helmet  
my polish army helmet collection  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
wz 93 helmet  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
wz 63 helmet  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
polish army wz 2000 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
CFL ottawa rough riders helmet  - Footballin Football
uae m1 c helmet  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
vietnam sun helmet  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Another fine addition to your collection Mark ,now you mention the camo I'm wondering if it could be Infra Red Reflective paint as found on some of the late HSAT's
  2. A real nice IDF example Mark and very interesting to note the differances between the British issue Hsat ,Can i ask is it likely the foam bump protection is locally made too ,interesting the liner bo...
  3. Very nice example BG so well done on a nice find ,looks great with the accompanying bayo and 1877 pattern francaise bidon
  4. great aquisition BG ,no doubt highly collectable ,were these a limited production
  5. thanks friend
  6. Thanks for your comment's, i have to agree to the similarities to the civilian protective helmet's regards james
  7. thanks racer 4 and battlegear ,i picked these up some years back ,aside from the composite's which are more recent but most were bought direct from poland ,you are correct BG theses are first gener...
  8. thanks for your comments mark
  9. Hi mark and yes a bit off the beaten track ,were you familiar with this team at all ,thanks for looking and your comments cheers james
  10. very nice ,can i ask if complete ,i have the exact same album with all cards present
  11. lovely example ,i believe mine was one of the one's used for landfill due to its relic condition and battered appearance
  12. superb grouping ,i have only but one nva pith helmet ,thanks for sharing http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/157822-vietnam-sun-helmet?in=user
  13. nice grouping the m27 looks to be refurbished, new paint liner and chinstrap and usually the frontal insignia is found to be reproduction ,which in your example im leaning towards ,you do know the lin...
  14. very nice toy battlegear ,now is the referance photo showing hungarian troops
  15. thank you mark for taking the time to do some of your own research on this particular type and thank you battlegear ,you recent example inspired me to post a bit more on here ,its been a while thank...
  16. many thanks mark ,i will certainly do my best to help you find a similar example one way or another thanks for looking and commenting james
  17. very nice indeed battlegear ,im glad you finally found an example ,the way you display your items are just superb ,interesting to see the shell has the m75 chinstrap upgrade but there is no denying it...
  18. very interesting battlegear and thanks for the extra info ,its a fantastic grouping
  19. great info ,thanks battlegear my goggle pouch has small stiched side inserts for holding spare lenses
  20. thanks battlegear ,i need to brush up on my smg's . very interesting indeed,thanks james
  21. very nice indeed mark and looks superb on the shelf its also identical to your reference photo ,well done
  22. again another superb example of this type of helmet ,i should show mine really ,i too have a ww2 period E tool ,i foolishly bought it thinking at the time it was TR heer issue ,im glad now i hung onto...
  23. very nice battlegear ,i have a spare cover to fit these if your interested ,pm me a postal address and ill gladly send one out ,regards james
  24. nice pieces of history ,thanks for showing battlegear
  25. another fine looking example battlegear ,nice and salty ,the ammo vest has a chicom look to it ,very nice mate and keep up the great work posting your fine collection ,regards james
  26. cool helmet and accompanying items battlegear its certainly got a been there look to it ,i always like the way you tastefully display your collection groupings ,regards james
  27. hi battlegear ,thats an interesting piece ,one thing ive just noticed ,i have a set of us snow goggles and im sure they have the very same case ,are you familiar with the type i refer too ,thanks james
  28. many thanks for looking and your comments mark
  29. lovely example mark with just that hint of wear and tear ,very nice
  30. thats true battlegear ,it also shows darker sections ,im wondering if the helmet was blacked up whilst the face paint was applied
  31. thanks for your comments battlegear and confirming yours too has the same odour and interesting to hear of the iraqi procurement of militaria from there neighbours
  32. cool looking helmet ,i like the double netting combination,it looks great can i ask what the cover might be on the referance picture please vas i cant be certain
  33. great example and can only agree with racer4 your referance pictures are superb and a pleasure to view
  34. a real nice pairing battlegear ,i love the patina on the mustard coloured example and would be proud to own it
  35. a unique helmet with an interesting past battlegear ,thanks again for sharing what is a nice desirable example
  36. superb examples of each model type .your very lucky to have found these battlegear so well done
  37. very nice grouping battlegear ,i watched the beginning of "the beast " and noted a similar look to your helmet/gassie combo ,can i ask is there a poct size and date stamp present on the rear flap ,th...
  38. very nice glasses battlegear ,these are in remarkable condition considering there age ,thanks for sharing
  39. very nice battle gear ,thanks for sharing ,the liner as you say is very much like the m1 and i see a likeness in profile to the earlier spanish helmets too ,thanks james
  40. thanks battlegear
  41. thanks mate ,its very salty and well used ,this is the summer version but ive seen the winter version also issued to iraqi tank crews
  42. just a small update regarding the arabic script ,i have been told it means "front towards enemy"
  43. many thanks for the information regarding this stamp agh collect ive learned a lot from your comment
  44. very nice example ,i take it the liner pads etc would be completely removed before painting or would it be done in the factory before issue ? its paint scheme reminds me of the soviet /czech reissue s...
  45. hi mark ,this really is a timewarp example,you are a very lucky man to find one in such condition ,thanks for showing ,james
  46. hi pete that sure is an unusual helmet ,i like the colouration of the shell and well displayed too ,i must check out more of your collection when i get time ,kind regards james
  47. hi there try researching east german (DDR/NVA)model 1956
  48. thanks sean
  49. thanks scott i guess you right if there is money to be made ,a shame really and just spoils the hobby ,i managed to acquire a nice fedayeen patch ,it seems to be made of a cotton backed suede with gol...
  50. your very welcome ,us helmets are not my area of expertise but i know a little to get by ,inspect the liner webbing ,it should have an ink stamp and DLA code or DSA showing the exact year 1970 would s...
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