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Loetz Glatt Basket or Kralik or Rindskopf??? - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Czecho-Slovakia Vases HELP IDENTIFY MAKER? - Potteryin Pottery
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  1. Notes: The Loetz Glass website doesn't show the baskets under Glatt category. Another google website, Loetz and Glass, Loetz 2: G-N, shows the basket as "Bronze Glatt" (this website by Alfredo Villane...
  2. Thanks for the info Welzebub!
  3. Anything on the underneath? Marks, numbers, labels?
  4. Thank you for the comments. An expert on antique tiles may recognize the back, a “TARGET” pattern (tiles with raised or sunken circles on the reverse). Peter & Diana Clegg have an online identificatio...
  5. Wow everyone ... thanks all for your info! The painting has a lot of wonderful meaning, I’m grateful to know about it. (It pays to look in the dark corners of antique store basements!) I just cleaned ...
  6. Yes thanks, mystery solved.
  7. Thanks to all who responded! I edited the posting to reflect the identifying and dating information graciously given to me by an expert in England. He is credited in the description; his website is wo...
  8. For some reason I never rec’d notification of the last two comments; was looking at my old posts and found them! So thank you Robin50 and keramikos for the tips! Mystery solved. There is a blue set of...
  9. Thanks dizzydave! (Sorry for delay in responding; haven’t been on much lately).
  10. I think it might be the bottom part of a bird bath now that I remember cleaning mud off the bottom when I bought it. Zanesville Pottery maybe?!
  11. No notch for the cord? Other possibilities: it had a big insert for the sand? or it’s a pedestal for a jardiniere IF the jardiniere was fashioned to fit within? All sort of weird! An unusual piece, h...
  12. Yes I wondered about that. Agree! Can’t be an umbrella, sand jar or oil! LOL. Fulper/ Stangl made lamps but wow, this would be a big one! Thanks for your feedback!
  13. Glad you share my enthusiasm for this funky set, keramikos! Thanks for posting a comment.
  14. Interesting! Thanks. They look so crude that’s why I thought maybe earlier. So I’m replacing 2 pics with pics of this other chair I have ... is this a “slab seat” or is this later too? THANKS!!!
  15. Thanks for your comment fhrjr.
  16. Hi Bill. Thanks. Eastern Ohio, pottery country.
  17. Hey check this out: see new pic ... deleted one & posted this one ... a flower frog I found posted on a website called VARAGE SALE. Lady has the flower frog for sale stating it is unmarked but thinks ...
  18. Thanks for all your help! I looked at the foot with a magnifying glass: the clay is a deep golden yellow clay not unlike the Ohio potteries (I’m a Brush/McCoy collector since late 80’s.) I’ll look fu...
  19. Thanks for the names but do you have any references to the shape and orange-y glaze? I see examples of Muncie and Fulper with similar orange-y mottling on the bottom. Fulper has a very similar pillow...
  20. Hi Brunswick - Appreciate your reply & suggestion. Thanks. Yes I wouldn’t be surprised if my mystery clay pots originated in Mexico. Still researching. Thx again!
  21. Thanks Newfld and kwqd! I ran some various searches and came up with KATHLEEN MULCAHY, a very accomplished glass artist. Mystery solved. Trying to contact her to ask her about the rest of the inscript...
  22. Thanks racer!
  23. Thanks for the info. That’s GREAT to know! Thanks!
  24. Thanks for your replies! (Sorry for my delay in thanking you; not online much.) Appreciate your response.
  25. Hi ... thanks for your reply ... no further responses so it remains a mystery.
  26. Hi Phil - Thanks for your great comments! Well I had it weighed: it is 21 lbs 13 oz. HEAVY! You know, the trimmed underside revealed metal is very yellowish so now I'm wondering if its just solid bra...
  27. Correction: Should I suspect the metal as something other than bronze?
  28. Hi PhDM - thanks for your comment! Would this have been poured into a plaster mold and poured solid? There is white residue on the underside; plaster? Could this just be a student piece or experimenta...
  29. I discovered a signature on one of the feet "J Deanda" ... this piece is by JOE DEANDA master glassmaker at DOLLYWOOD!!! He does makes really beautiful art glass objects!!!
  30. Yes that's it! thanks for the reminder (couldn't think of the term when posting! Stretch glass used by Fenton and Northwood a lot). Now ... hmm ... I wonder if the technique is used in China glass lik...
  31. Classy! Love that.
  32. Great pieces! Excellent design.
  33. A friend of mine who has some knowledge of Asian wares said he thinks it's c. 1900, Japanese, a tea bowl. But I'm not certain from this that the date is correct. Thanks.
  34. Oh that's cool. I'll look out for a pic online with a paper label. Thanks for the feedback!
  35. Thanks - I didn't know that. It's hard going just by photos too, I realize. These do have a lot of crazing visible in HD closeup pics. If I had to venture a guess I'd say late 1700's to 1850 but that...
  36. Not flashed, plated, cased. Stained & fired, I guess. Typical treatment to so many candy dishes, centerpiece bowls & candlestick sets etc, of the era. Couldn't find it in my Felt/Stoer books (vol 1-3)...
  37. THANKS for your comments!
  38. There are sone great collectors books on antique oil lamps so you could definitely look them up. See the reference librarian at a good public library; can also search on WorldCat. Good luck!
  39. Great find. WP pretty collectible, I believe; sells well. Dorothy Dolph, Arthur E Bard, others ... of similar genre. Fun stuff! My favorite is Earnest Hertig of WV.
  40. Nice painting. I would search for examples of antique jugs of similar form. Looks like red clay which could be a clue to country (Italy?) and region.
  41. Great bottle!
  42. Thank you for your comments! I changed two of the photos; one shows the bottom. Looks like a rough pontil. Again, thanks!
  43. Thanks for your reply Rockbat; much appreciated. I purchased this at a recent antique bottle show. It is lead (sustained ring) and has a pontil. Both white and black flecks of impurities. Honest wear ...
  44. Pretty! Great find.
  45. I think you're probably right; the orange one especially looks similar to some Czech items I've seen (the ribbing in particular). The incised mark threw me; looks like some American maker's. THANKS fo...
  46. Hi ... yes I do still have these. Some people believe that these are Brush McCoy but for me personally, the verdict is still out until I see them pictured in an original catalog or some other document...
  47. I saw the other one with the different border; very nice! Thanks for the link. This item has been fun. Time to mark it SOLVED.
  48. THANK YOU vetraio50! I've been reading online all about Rossini, at least what I've found in English. So interesting. I was way off thinking a "political" figure. The cartoon then seems to be a commen...
  49. I found a mark on the bottom! So hard to see but they are SINCLAIRE, Corning NY, 1904-1929. The mark is an S inside a wreath.
  50. An expert is just what is needed! The workmanship on these is pretty amazing, yes. Thank you for commenting! Hope TallCakes will solve the mystery. Can't wait.
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