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I've always loved anything glass and am afraid I always will.


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Large hand painted dog statues  - Animalsin Animals
Old Rocking Chair - Furniturein Furniture
Chandelier with Acorn Globe - Lampsin Lamps
Thai Dancer  Doll - Dollsin Dolls
Rein Zinn Pewter Coaster - Kitchenin Kitchen
Mysterious Coffee Mugs - Kitchenin Kitchen
Fish Wall Hanging - Animalsin Animals
Silver Something? - Silverin Silver
Morimura China Plate - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Walnut Three Drawer Dresser Identification - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Hi Dizzydave and Inky, Sorry I didn't respond sooner to your wonderful input. I will look up Satsuma style. I have seen A LOT of Foo dogs and lions, but these statues are definitely regular puppi...
  2. I did find that out, but I haven't been able to find any others like it on the Internet. I was hoping someone may have seen them. Thank you for your help. K
  3. Wow! Thank you for that. A great help. I think a LOT of people do not know this. Now I do. :)
  4. Thank you, Vetraio50!
  5. That is very cool. Thank you so much!
  6. I agree that the language looks like it's from that part of the world. (Husband says is English! :/) I'm wondering if it is a list of family names or if it is some type of prayer or well wishes. Thank...
  7. A compote!!!! That's not a word I hear everyday, but I believe you are absolutely right. Mystery solved. Thank you, Dave and CW!!
  8. No luck at Replacements. :/ I sure would love to find another one like it on the Internet with some information about it.
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GM Heritage Center Post #4 Westmoreland Glass #556 Sawtooth ruby cake stand