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Are these vintage underwear buttons ? - Sewingby Katestlouis
in Sewing
1942 Holiday Lapel  pin - Any idea who Division 268 Could Be ? - Medals Pins and Badgesby Katestlouis
in Medals Pins and B…
Should coins be polished ? - World Coinsby Katestlouis
in World Coins
Who made these ?  Marks are unknown to me - Potteryby Katestlouis
in Pottery
in Costume Jewelry
Who Made This Teapot ?   - Potteryby Katestlouis
in Pottery
Too small to read - Is this a Christensen silverplated bowl ? - Silverby Katestlouis
in Silver
Did Akro Agate make any of these marbles? Vintage marbles ? - Toysby Katestlouis
in Toys
Is this a real vintage Gucci purse ? - Bagsby Katestlouis
in Bags
Porcelain Pitcher & 4 cups- What are they for ? where was it made ? - China and Dinnerwareby Katestlouis
in China and Dinnerw…
Is this a take off on a Keane painting ? - Fine Artby Katestlouis
in Fine Art
S.A. Silver/Simmons Hardware Spoon - Was it for Olympics/World's Fair - Silverby Katestlouis
in Silver
Is This a Victorian Mirror - One side mirror flips to detailed metal sice - Furnitureby Katestlouis
in Furniture
Is this a McCoy Oil Jar ? - Potteryby Katestlouis
in Pottery
Could this be a McCoy Sunbrust - Potteryby Katestlouis
in Pottery
Any clue who may have made this ? 73-USA - Potteryby Katestlouis
in Pottery
Is This Anything Special other than lovely Vase - Art Glassby Katestlouis
in Art Glass
Arts & Crafts Copper Pitcher  I Think - Arts and Craftsby Katestlouis
in Arts and Crafts
Is this anything special-Asian porcelain-Not Asian name - China and Dinnerwareby Katestlouis
in China and Dinnerw…
Where does the perfume come out ? Form & Function. - Bottlesby Katestlouis
in Bottles
Is This a Real Vintage  Constance Hermes Bag - Bagsby Katestlouis
in Bags
Silverplated bowl Celtic Design - Silverby Katestlouis
in Silver
2 PART CHROME & GLASS DESERT DISH - Glasswareby Katestlouis
in Glassware
Solid bowl with landscape designs - Arts and Craftsby Katestlouis
in Arts and Crafts
Meakin Flow Blue - What Pattern - China and Dinnerwareby Katestlouis
in China and Dinnerw…
Duck/Goose porcelain signed Krause - Potteryby Katestlouis
in Pottery
3 Green Glass & 2/3rds of an Amber Set- Who Made Them - Glasswareby Katestlouis
in Glassware
Wood Object D'Art -Does it have a function-From England - Tobaccianaby Katestlouis
in Tobacciana
Made in Japan but by whom ? - Potteryby Katestlouis
in Pottery
What country was this made in ? - Figurinesby Katestlouis
in Figurines
Heavy duty older mug  - Kitchenby Katestlouis
in Kitchen
Did this hold older types of pens ? How can I clean it  safely ? - Officeby Katestlouis
in Office
What is it ?  The purpose ? - Kitchenby Katestlouis
in Kitchen
Who Made This Vase - China and Dinnerwareby Katestlouis
in China and Dinnerw…
How Do I Clean These Metal Boxes - Art Nouveauby Katestlouis
in Art Nouveau