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Are these vintage underwear buttons ? - Sewingin Sewing
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  1. Thank you, Waki.
  2. Hi, That is the name that was signed on the back of the plate.
  3. Thank you. Why the size difference ? Did both men & women button their underwear ? Or, the smaller ones worn by a child & the larger ones by adults ?
  4. Hi, Thank you so much for your help. I would have never known the maker. The markings did not give me a clue.
  5. Hi, Thank you. You are probably correct. A gold color would set off the Tiger's Eye better than silver. The maker is now considered vintage. Did read online that they also did some pieces in gold...
  6. Hi, Thank You. I could not make it out. Had never heard of Stouffer, except for food.
  7. Hi, Thank You. It is quality leather & well made. I did more research & a Gucci relative was court allowed to use the name on leather goods. He started his company in Mexico. Known as Gucci Plu...
  8. Hi, Wow. Interesting. Guess it would have worked for sitting shiva too. All mirrors have to be covered. I never thought of anything like that. Thanks ! Interesting traditions/thoughts regardi...
  9. Hi, Thank you. Appreciate it.
  10. Hi, Thank you. Yes , it was Kralik. I did not know it could be uranium glass.
  11. Hi, Thanks to all who helped me. Savoy, now I know.
  12. I keep learning.
  13. Hi, I don't / didn't know what it was called. I love this website because it helps me learn. Am glad my taste is the same as some people who know things. I do love vintage.
  14. Hi, Thank you. I appreciate it.
  15. Hello, Thank you for all the education. I looked up Jeanne Brandsma's works. Her paintings had more depth than mine. Thanks for correcting the spelling of the artist. Yes, Keane's paintings were ...
  16. Hi, Thank You. She has the "big eyes" kind of like Keane paintings did. Genres are often copied & thought maybe someone did their version around that time.
  17. Hi, I don't think I ever thanked you. Thank You.
  18. Hi, I keep learning & appreciate your help. I stand corrected, it is Robinson Ransbottom Pottery. Glad I saw a photo and started this learning experience. Thank You.
  19. Hi, Thank you all. I know so little. Had never even heard of Bauer. Good to learn. You must live someplace warm. If I left something ceramic outside it would have cracked over a winter. Thank yo...
  20. Hi, Well. It is a comment, but did not help me one bit. Thanks anyway.
  21. Hi, Thank you both. I wouldn't have ever known. Someone once told me you can't know it all & they were right. Thank You.
  22. Hi, Thank you both. I am not in Pinterest, when I searched other places I could not find one like it, so I appreciate your help. At least my instincts were good. Thank You, Kate
  23. Hi, Thank you. The patina thing always confuses me. Appreciate it. Kate
  24. Thank You. I forgot it has that feature.
  25. Hello, Thank You.
  26. Hi, I love this website. I keep learning & people are nice to share their wisdom. Thank you for answering. I appreciate it.
  27. Hi, Thank you. thought Mentone was another name for Flow Blue. Duh. wow, so this is over 100 years old. Thank You so much.
  28. Thank You.
  29. Thank You all so much for your help. I do appreciate it
  30. Thank you. That makes sense now. It is the beautiful wood & craftsmanship that I always found beautiful. Intriguing why it lifts up, but just more beautiful wood. Thanks You Scott.
  31. Hi, Thank you both. I would have never found this out on my own.
  32. Thank You ! Wow, the year of the depression is when this was made. Filled with liquid all of these must have been very heavy. Thanks ! Appreciate it.
  33. Hmm. Thanks. Seems awfully tall for a shaving mug. Good idea though. Thanks.
  34. Thank you to all who responded. Love the wry humor.
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Solid bowl with landscape designs