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  1. I found out this much Stowa 17 Jewel Mini mantel clock German made (?) I sold it online to someone who thought they could make it run! for around 40-50 can't remember the amount now. My clock ...
  2. Thanks you--my sister said clay also, you think it is safe to wash? the hand painting has me spooked! I assume they were meant to be used and not just for display. Thanks again for your response.
  3. How funny I had posted that such a long time ago---but I had just contacted the State of Oregon library, this was their book way back when. The book has a handwritten number 129 on it 3rd picture ab...
  4. Okay so I sent pics --waited holding breath and then, they sent the reply below! Great fun tho --Thanks for the push to check it out-- Further to my previous email, the 19th Century European Art s...
  5. I will try it--I just thought local but if you think I should I will! thanks~~
  6. I haven't had time to do anything ---how fun would that be if it turned out authentic! I will try to pursue it this next couple weeks and update you-thanks for taking time to check in Lissa
  7. Wonderful!
  8. I have one similar with a gold metal piece that holds the little bowl up fitting on the side of the large bowl so it is a chip and dip set...I love the shape of this one! Fun to find some additional l...
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