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Newdale MB Canada


  1. Thank you dav2no1. I'll now look into it.
  2. Thanks OldAsDirt and all who love these beautiful old goblets Kind Regards
  3. Alan I don't know you well but this must have been an awful experience. Please except my condolences on the lose of you sister and brother and hope things start getting better for you and your family....
  4. Does a magnet attract to it? It could be a piece of space debris.
  5. Thank you so much Tallcakes it is indeed a Murano Cornucopia red vase. Also thanks to Watchsearch for the nice comment. Lesley Parish.
  6. I will keep the coin as a pendent and give it to my hubby coz he is my Alexander The Great. Lesley Parish.
  7. Thanks so much Mrtyndall, I now understand why KINGS of THRACE. Lysimachos. 305-281 BC used Alexander The Great's bust on the coins. Thank you very much. Lesley Parish.
  8. Hello Mrtyndall, thank you for the information. It is extremely hard to tell if it's KINGS of THRACE. Lysimachos. 305-281 BC or Alexander The Great 336-359. I will take it to a specialist.
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