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Elmhurst, Il.

I love antiques, learning, looking and owning. My main collection is Bottle/Beer openers. Figurals are great, but the older the beter. I have over 400, displayed. I love antiques, learning, looking and owning. My main collection is Bottle/Beer openers. Figurals are great, but the older the beter. I have over 400, displayed. Member of Just For Openers, a group for finding and collecting beer openers. Check out he web site; Anything Breweriana works for me, signs, neon, blow-ups, etc. I have over 300 beer mugs, mini mugs, and stines. I get them while traveling the world, mostly tourist style, marking the places we've been, but a few colectables. I have lots of old tools, hand-me-downs, local finds, and some I still use, they work the best. (Read more)


  1. Thanks to both of you for your input.
  2. It's missing the guns!
  3. Here is my post from 4 years ago. (Above should have said "over 500", my typo).
  4. My information is from the "Just for Openers" Handbooks; pictures/listings/price lists. I am a member of the group, and have over 400 openers in my [small] collection...
  5. You have a JFO# B1-015. It's worth about $35-$40. A great find any day.
  6. Mystery solved, thanks all.
  7. Atlas Prager Beer was last produced in 1966, by Atlas Brewing, Chicago, IL. [1925-1966].
  8. Yah, blunder, took two days, but it's done.
  9. This is closer, Lockport listed at bottom, for Goe. H. Downs brewery
  10. Start here at Tavern, This is the only "Downs" listed in NY.
  11. I've always questioned how this sign is to be interpreted, should you go slow or is the kid slow? Oh well still a cool sign.
  12. Looks like it could use a good home. I would let it's light shine and give it a good place to show off. This is a task I'm willing to take on, let me know. Ha, Ha, Ha! Seriously, great find.
  13. Yes it's a bottle opener, JFO # R-11. It should have a corkscrew in the openeing at the bottom/back. Patent to M. D. Avillar, May 21, 1929, #78,544. Value ranges from $50 to $100 depending on condit...
  14. I found Fresno Brewing Co., which is old enough, but "Old German Lager" is not showing as one of their brews. Check this out; If thats what it i...
  15. That is a JFO#F-35, style opener/ice pick. It should be marked ?A. W. STEPHENS MFG. CO. WALTHAM, MASS. PAT. APR. 30, 1901 The only two listed in the Just For Openers guide book are marked, (1)- D...
  16. Try a patent search with google advance patents; Hopefuly you will find the years and designer.
  17. Thanks for the "Love", Hunter & Dan
  18. I’ve always wondered if this warning sign was a comment on the neighborhood kids, or a traffic regulatory sign. Just a thought, Lumpy
  19. Pop, Thanks for the info. Thanks to Officialfuel on the "Like".
  20. Check this out. Here is the patent site for the pump of your extinguisher, April 25th, 1944, #
  21. Nice job, came out great!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Here some more links I found;
  23. Check this out; Click on the small mold picture, same as yours, and it will bring up a go...
  24. That's what I thought, you can see some of the ports and valves match up. You wouldn't need a patent to expand the unit, using your original design. When you search Harry M McCaslin in patents, you ...
  25. Check out this patent, #1204040;
  26. I'd "LOVE" these, but there not in MY beer cave! Great signs, they'er going to be harder and harder to find, keep them safe.
  27. Great sign!!!
  28. This would look real good above my Ballantine openers!!!
  29. Just checked back to see what else was posted. Thats how I started, with the openers I found when we cleaned out Mom and Dad's house, found about 10 of them. Then I started to do some research for...
  30. Nice find, keep up the good hunting! Lumpy
  31. Nice openers, good start to a collection, only about 30,000 to go! Check out some of the ones I've posted, of the 400+ I have displayed in the man cave. Lumpy
  32. This opener was only used by one beer company, Dixie Brewing, New Orleans, LA. Blank openers can be found, but they are few and far between, Dixie openers are even harder to find. Dixie's have a value...
  33. It's a bottle opener, (JFO # N-2), DESIGNED BY OSCAR GALTER, DESIGN PATENT NO. 153,349 (04/12/1949). Patent site is;,349&hl=en&sa=X&ei=U...
  34. Check out Tavern Trove . Com, for any Beer info. Here what's listed for Fox Deluxe; strKeyword=fox+deluxe&intCategoryId=&intCountryId=&intStateId=&intUserId=&in...
  35. Nice to have the equipment, time and tallent to do that. Great job!
  36. Is there any Name plates, Labels, Patent #, Dates, etc.????
  37. A good hardware or home improvment store. Wet/Dry, fine to very fine, emery cloth. I use it wet with water or CLR, but expairment as needed.
  38. Jmarshall; that opener is worth about $1 to $5, depending on condition, and how many there are on the market, and that one is easy to find. As far as cleaning, I use CLR, very fine emery cloth, a go...
  39. CAD, if you want to try to identify and date them, with a little time you can most likely find them here; Good luck, Lumpy
  40. Glade ypu liked them.
  41. Great stuff. Check out my postings from awhile back;
  42. Thanks, BeauxPurdy and Bellin68
  43. Thanks Kerry
  44. Thanks for all the Love; Tommy1002, Belling68, walksoftly, BeauxPurdy. I'll be posting some others soon.
  45. Looks like an antique jail key, to me.
  46. Thanks, BeauxPurdy. Gasoline fired lights on a moving auto, how safe is that!
  47. FYI; the smaller spoon is a JFO, (Just for Openers) # F-2, Patent #85,178, issued to Thomas Harding, Sept.22, 1931, assigned to John L. Sommer Manufacturing Comp. of Newark, NJ. The slotted spoon is...
  48. What's the story behind this, did you just get it or was it in the family for a while? Great sign, great old beer.
  49. Nice openers, good finds! The Dr. Pepper is a style B-14, (JFO #), made by Vaughan Co. Chicago, Il. called a "Special Pocket Bottle Opener", made around 1900 to 1910. It was used by Coca-Cola, Pepsi-C...
  50. Thanks TGBWC. Yep, Lumpy was a nickname I got around High School time, as in Lumpy Rutherford in "Leave it to Beaver". It became my handle on the CB, then my call name while I was "on the job". Most ...
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