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College place,wa.

New to glass.


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Murano or pier 1 imports ? - Glasswarein Glassware
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More fenton - Glasswarein Glassware
More fenton - Glasswarein Glassware
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  1. Peachblow. Maybe Stevens and Williams.
  2. Sadly the french magazines only go back to 1900 on that website. Have started looking for stoppers that are similar. Have yet to find one with that rounded off ball on top.
  3. I believe my pontil is disk/sand. That created the circular mark welding look. Just not sure what places used that style.
  4. NevB has a picture of her pontil on here too. Comparison might help us know what is what.
  5. I have a post on here with a perfume bottle I believe to be baccarat or bohemian. Compare your pontil to the one mine has. Both are large and polished.
  6. May just be polished out. Look at the one i have on here. The paintwork raised like that on my piece too.
  7. We have had some of the antique stores here wanting to know why we carry our blacklight flashlights with us. As a dealer you would think they would know.
  8. Any chance of a pic of the pontil
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Bohemian Opaline Uranium Glass Mantle Lustre made for the Persian market. French Baccarat? frosted green opaline uranium vases. Victorian Vase Victorian Condiment bowls Victorian Painted Glass Jug Victorian Vase with applied flower and leaves Tall Elegant Victorian Vase Emerald Crest Epergne Horns.....Victorian or Fenton??? Vaseline Glass Shoe Duncan & Miller Glass Advertising For S.D, Sollers & Co Fine Shoes 1870-1883 Uranium glass