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Orlando, Florida USA

Kerosene Lamp Lover. Even some candelabras.


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1880's Thomas Brooks Renaissance Revival 10' Bedroom Suite - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
1896 Bronze Jewelry Casket for 1000th Anniversary of Hungary ARPAD - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Antique 1880's Renaissance Revival Chiffonier - Furniturein Furniture
Antique French Multi Coloured Cut Crystal Chandelier - Lampsin Lamps
Antique Gilt Sterling Silver Oval Wall Mirror w Queen Cameo Hand Carved - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Antique Tiffany Floor Lamp w Japanned Wood Base - Lampsin Lamps
Antique German Terracotta Statue Figurine - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Antique Neapolean II Kerosene Banquet Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Pair of 1830's Boston Sandwich Glass Whale Oil Lamps - Lampsin Lamps
Antique German Dresden Kerosene Lamp - Lampsin Lamps


  1. I made a mistake yesterday when I posted these had feet that are missing. I looked at mine last night and saw there are not feet, but, rollers. If you were to look at the bottom of the drop front you ...
  2. Jackie, the last post here seems to have been about 5 years ago ! My only comment about your items and how you have them in storage is... stare away !! As you delve into the details of your grandpar...
  3. This is a French Style Etagere used in Victorian times to house items of decor. There would have been, as you stated, a top with probably a mirror. Would have fit inside a Parlor for the homes finer ...
  4. Greetings Robert ! A little too late,but, here's some info about your "drop front dresser". This is one of at least three pieces of a bedroom suite. There would have been a matching Bed, your drop ...
  5. Thank you Lady Suxxex Downs for your comment ! Yes, we have a fireplace. Here in Orlando, Florida there's not as much of a call for using it so the lamps provide the gentle touch of warmth needed fo...
  6. LOL Orlando Florida ! TY nutsabotas6 also!!
  7. Greetings Aimathena and Elisabethan !!! TY Aimathena and Elisabethan... you would be welcome to have the room for the night if you were visiting !! TY
  8. Greetings Phil, I didn't answer your comment as it wasn't sent to my email inbox. The bedroom suite is attributed to Thomas Brooks. Thanks for the comments. The bonnet is, also, attached by pegs.
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