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  1. Excellent! Love it!
  2. Great condition. Very nice.
  3. Particularly love the letters on this one...
  4. Wow, that's in super shape.
  5. Yep, love the colors.
  6. As always, displayed perfectly!
  7. Love the color reversal...looks great on the porch!
  8. Nice that all your things are displayed where you can see and enjoy them every day!
  9. Too cool! Love the colors.
  10. Super detail on the frame...another unique piece on display!
  11. What's not to love about Savannah! Congrats on your awards and keep on enjoying life and all your A+ collectibles! Good for you, Michael!
  12. Just like everything else, it looks great!!
  13. My parents old phone number was three digits and a letter! Much easier to remember! ha! Of course, now we just say, "Call Michael!" My dad owned each of those vehicle brands once upon a time...a lo...
  14. Oh yeah, always have to buy the unique items to add to your collection!
  15. Old or new...they look great.
  16. See the USA in a Chevrolet!!
  17. The flame light is just tooooo cool!
  18. Love the amber color.
  19. How nice of the guard to "tip his hat" to Savannah!
  20. Super color...nice addition!
  21. "It's only original once!"....sooooo true!
  22. Great find...have never seen anything like it.
  23. Perfect on the porch!
  24. Gotta love THIS one, too! General Motors!
  25. You KNOW we gotta love this one!!
  26. Super...each one unique...and it's always five o'clock somewhere!
  27. Don't we all want to be in as good a shape as this sign when we're 86??!!
  28. They need a higher rating than "love" for this jewel! How cool! Hope you get many fun hours driving this around enjoying all the moments of the trips around town!
  29. What a stroll down memory lane every time you walk through your home!
  30. He's looks right at home in your dining room!
  31. Fits right in with the other signs...looks great!
  32. Have never seen a glass tray at all. What a nice friend to GIVE it to you; of course, you are a nice friend to help him clean out his garage!
  33. Gotta love finding deals in good ol' Lebanon, Indiana!
  34. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! Just read the comment from the Asst Producer for Collectors Cafe. We knew it would come to this someday, as well it should with your outstanding collection of EVERYTHING! Go...
  35. Prior to MapQuest...gotta love it!...back when we actually spoke face to face with people and truly needed each other!
  36. Nice to find an unusual one every now and then!
  37. Yesteryear....great!
  38. The paint makes it like stepping into yesteryear!
  39. Yep, perfect spot for it!
  40. Love the colors.
  41. Another great addition for your collection.
  42. Now it's right where it your kitchen!
  43. In my very NON-expert opinion, I think it's great the way it is!...just the way it looked when the last person actually carried it.
  44. Beyond cool! You certainly have a talent for displaying your collectibles in style!
  45. We know all of your collectibles are old, but everything is so clean that it all looks brand new! Nicely displayed!
  46. Displayed very always. Great pick!
  47. Yep, it's in super shape for having been around so many years! Someone took extra special care of it. Great find from the good old days of "no batteries required!"
  48. Waaaay cool!
  49. Can't go wrong with anything Coca-Cola!
  50. I can remember when "white walls" were what you wanted!...not those ugly black tires! LOL!
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