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  1. @dgirardin. You don't "look" through it as such. All it does is project a laser beam - a bright red dot - at a constant level. Set the beam up to whatever height you want and it can then be rotated...
  2. Here ya go! Previously posted and identified on CW : Alternatively do an internet search for "Knife - holeb - bu...
  3. Mystery solved! Previously posted and identified on CW 2 years ago. Go to The last comment from lzenglish...
  4. I would suggest that this is an extension spanner/handle for the wheel on a large pipeline valve. Will give the operator some extra leverage. We just used a bobbejaan spanner (monkey wrench) back ...
  5. Awesome! I live in South Africa and hydraulic water rams can still be found in some of the more rural areas.
  6. I use horseshoes as trivets when placing hot pans/pots etc on the kitchen counter top. Stops the counter top from getting scorched. So finding a horseshoe amongst a lot of cast iron cookware wou...
  7. What is the diameter of the round bit?
  8. Nitabugs71 Is there a makers name or any other identification on the knife? I posted the photos on my local knife makers forum and it has got us all baffled! Fhrjr2 Can you expand further on...
  9. "The directed pressurized water rotates a series of cupped wheels.................." Sounds like a Pelton wheel to me.
  10. Could the one blade possibly be a cut throat razor? I'm looking at the very hollow grind angle as well as what appears to be a finger rest at the base of the blade.
  11. Any idea what the blade is made from? Non rusting? Is it sharp? I'm also curious about the hole in the tip of the blade. Possibly for a hinge pin or bolt?
  12. I suspect that the "sheath for a second knife" is actually a pouch for a sharpening stone.
  13. Anvils in good condition an be worth a fair amount of money even if they are very old. You may find the weight marked as "** CWT" standing for "hundredweight" If the base of the anvil has dot pun...
  14. Top left looks like a linesman's knife?
  15. The one on the left is a "Hi lift" jack. Widely used by 4X4 off roaders etc. Very common, plenty of them around.
  16. Motoolz. I have an identical spokeshave which has always been identified to me as a cobblers/shoemakers "heel shave" However I have often wondered if it was not used for the shaping of oars or the...
  17. It could be a bayonet that has been cut down and converted into a knife.
  18. Any makers name, markings etc?
  19. Lock for a kitbag. It doubled as a handle.
  20. Shotgun cartridge reloading tool.
  21. Guessing here: a clamp for raising pump/sucker rods on wind pumps?
  22. Also known as "cross dowels"
  23. Now I am even more baffled! Obviously home made and designed for spreading something apart.
  24. More photos taken at different angles would help.
  25. "You only have to know how to operate one :)" Very easy. All you are doing is sighting on a celestial object (the sun) and bringing it "down" to the horizon by moving the arc. Then measure the an...
  26. I have a similar spanner to this but it was used for setting the tappets/valve clearance on an engine. I would agree with bobby725 that this one is for setting the magneto (points) gap
  27. Paraffin (oil) lamp for marking hazardous areas/detours or road works/repairs at night. Very common in England and in use until the early 1970's
  28. I would suggest that a bevel gauge has been botched up with a saw blade. Two different tools not designed for each other.
  29. I have also used one similar to this for stretching the teat over a feeding bottle for feeding "hansies" (orphan lambs) The feeding bottles were actually re-cycled plastic mineral water bottles so ...
  30. UncleRon I seem to recall the previous debate(s) about what this tool is. One of the suggestion was a cattle de-horning tool. Was this ever proven or was it just a suggestion?
  31. This is the mechanical part of an old shoe stretcher. Missing the two "halves" of wooden shoe each side.
  32. I'm guessing this is a saw tooth setting tool
  33. Back plate for joining 2 scaffold pipes at 90 degrees to each other. The plate locks into a band that goes around the scaffold tube.
  34. Top part of a Davy lamp. Used for gas detection when working underground.
  35. Scaffolding would be my guess.
  36. Mechanical rev counter. Should have a replaceable/removable rubber tip which is held against a rotating shaft and timed with a stop watch.
  37. Reaping hook?
  38. Very similar to a hand adze made in Portugal. I have one bought second hand at a pawnbrokers shop but essentially brand new. The handle is designed to be easily removed so the blade can be sharpened...
  39. I have an identical one to this. The 'blade' with a cutout is a shackle key. The lanyard ring locks the marline spike in place. I found the hinge on the blade very stiff. With cold wet hands it was...
  40. Bottom half of a saw sharpening vise. (Top bit is missing)
  41. I've seen (and used) similar looking items for knocking/hammering hardened steel pins/nails into walls for hanging pictures. Hilti is the brand name I am familiar with.
  42. Blades (actually irons) for wood planes.
  43. Fairly common on the second hand market (ebay etc) so I doubt it has much value. BTW. It looks as if there is a dowel drilling tool/jig in the box as well. Stanley 59?
  44. "got told collectors prefer cleaning it themselves" Cleaning the dust off is not a problem. Cleaning rust is. More photos would help
  45. Need more photos
  46. Here ya go:
  47. Tool for dressing a grinding wheel. Common in any workshop.
  48. Rigging tools for yachtsmen/sailors. The marlinspike is used for splicing rope. The handle doubles as a shackle key/spanner. Whilst it could be used for repairing fishing nets there are more spec...
  49. Trammel or beam compass
  50. Might be a Kilt or Shawl pin
  51. See more