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What could the brand & inscription meaning in this old steamer trunk? - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Got it, likely the owner’s name initials (hmv). Maybe upload a photo of the key / places of the number here? colleagues here might have seen/come across something alike in their trunks journeys
  2. You mean the latches have “8” imprint in them? Which initials are in it? (Not able to see either details in the current photos posted)
  3. Hello there - found a very similar trunk - do you recall if your had any manufacturer’s name hint?
  4. Did you restore it? Does it have a letter “S” in the corners plates as well?
  5. The locks looks like these https://www.etsy.com/listing/685423066/1890s-original-5-new-old-stock-cast-iron
  6. So beautiful lovely job!
  7. That is lovely! Will you restore it? I got some ideas from Churchill’ restoration: The S may stand for Secor. MM Secor was a large trunk and luggage manufacturing company who sold many trunks to S...
  8. Got it - the taylor trunk is really the best bet. the last imagine has an interesting catalog as well http://www.hmsantiquetrunks.com/my-personal-collection-of-trunks-trunk-parts--ephemera.html
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Pre 1870???