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1886 Boston Business Scene by A H Folsom - Photographsin Photographs
1910 Kelloggs World Champions - The First Sports Related Cereal Box - Baseballin Baseball
1870 Velocipede School "Ten Minutes Riding" - Paperin Paper
Original G D Wakely Photograph of Civil War Old Capitol Prison - Photographsin Photographs
Photograph of President Taft  - Photographsin Photographs
Photograph of Shackelton's Expedition Taken in Antarctica - Photographsin Photographs
Who signed this postcard? - Postcardsin Postcards
Miss Rosa Wedsted "Lady Giant" - Photographsin Photographs
Can anyone name this piece of clothing? - Photographsin Photographs
Another Early Milford NH Baseball Team Cabinet Photo - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Good idea, thanks!
  2. Thanks for the information. It only cost me a couple dollars and I know there is not much value to it so I will probably stick with what I have unless I find something better cheaply.
  3. Thanks aghcollect!
  4. I apologize for the upside down photos but I can't figure out how to change it.
  5. Thanks Manikin
  6. Thanks Jewels
  7. If only he had a few nice early ornaments.
  8. Thanks Sean68
  9. Thanks PatSea
  10. Thanks PatSea
  11. Thanks PatSea and Southcop
  12. Thanks PatSea
  13. Thats surprising. I've heard that eBay is very hard on sellers that sell such items but I guess if the buyer is uninformed only the seller would know of the deception. The seller I am thinking of alwa...
  14. Maybe users don't want to take the time to report such images or maybe eBay tends to over look such reports. It seems like there are a lot of questionable Western memorabilia on eBay in general beside...
  15. At least he "contacted" eBay so he could deceive people without breaking any rules.
  16. Thanks everyone
  17. Thanks Manikin
  18. Thanks jewels
  19. Thanks aghcollect
  20. I just looked and there is a "matting" that is glued around the edges of the mounting board. It is not flush with the photo so I am not sure if it is part of the matting board or something done when b...
  21. Thanks Scott. I'm sure you know better than I do but there looks like a matting in front of the photo, not just a mounting board unless there was a "matting" component to the mounting board.
  22. Thanks Scott! Any ideas on preserving it?
  23. Thanks Solver. I may see if it'd be possible to replace the matting with a new archival quality matting and then place archival paper film or paper between the photograph and the wood backing.
  24. Thanks Solver and Scott. I just posted photos of of the frame and the back.
  25. I will add a photo of the back but I wasn't sure if I'd be better of leaving it in the frame. What do you think?
  26. Thanks for all the help solver!
  27. I just heard back again from the library and they believe it would have been around the same time that he visited a local synagogue. This is what I have founderstood about the visit: Rabbi Levy’s inv...
  28. Thanks Scott and Amber
  29. Thanks Scott, I'll probably try that because it was difficult finding photos of Clapp on the Internet.
  30. Thanks aghcollect, vetraio50, and racer4four
  31. Thanks vetraio50
  32. Thanks Scott. I found this information about George H Clapp: George Clapp was born in 1859. He was extremely involved in the educational institutions that were located in Pittsburgh. He became a tr...
  33. Thanks catteann
  34. Thanks Scott! I'm assuming its the Nimrod but I'm not too familiar with Shackleton so it could be the Endurance.
  35. It appears to be part of a series of possibly several cards advertising the stove polish. It was not unusual for a series of trade cards to be made for a company.
  36. It's a great album! I actually have the stove polish one.
  37. From the photos you show its a Victorian album filled with period trade cards and calling cards. Very good subject matter! It's interesting that it is an album of just Black Americana rather than the ...
  38. Thank you
  39. Definitely note the average Joe! Even in 1912!
  40. ChickPicker, your magazine is uncommon but not as valuable as the American #2 MAD. While the lack of any sales records for this issue make it hard to pin down the exact value I would say, if it is in ...
  41. ChickPicker, nice early foreign MAD! Most of the ones you see are later when MAD was continually expanding into other countries. I am part of a MAD collecting group and will try to get you some more i...
  42. Thanks for the link
  43. Thanks everyone for the comments and likes. Unfortunately I can't find a way to make the image much larger.
  44. Thanks Scott. I just found it odd I couldn't find one on eBay. I guess sometimes nothing can beat a visit to a flea market.
  45. I also had a problem posting pictures that the website displays as sideways when I posted from my tablet.
  46. Thanks for the love everyone and thanks icollectglass. That could be it but unfortunately I can't find any other examples of what a Victorian water poncho looks like.
  47. Thanks Manikin
  48. Thanks Scott
  49. I never thought of that. It's possible that it could be from a theatrical performance.
  50. Thanks Scott. The early equipment does make them interesting.
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