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Passionate about vintage and antiques, the quirkier the better. Particularly love old workshop and kitchen tools. Forever researching some fun finds.


  1. Thanks Motoolz for the response. Agree about the multi tool aspect, and knife/scissor sharpener. Hadn't thought of notches for breaking glass. It's a consideration. I lean more towards the notches as ...
  2. Hi AnthingObscure As far as I can tell it is complete, nothing broken, and no moving parts. (trying to work out how to add more photos now...)
  3. Hello Gillian and Phil (sorry time difference delay) It measures 10 cm (4 inches) long by 2 cm (1 inch) wide
  4. Superb! Thanks fhrjr2! That's what I love about this Show and Tell, there is always someone out there with knowledge on everything (except one) I wonder about.
  5. Thank you Irishcollector! In researching what you say I am finding a few examples. Fantastic!
  6. I have been put on the right path, I think. Thanks for the tip for looking for drill bits. I found some Archimides had drill bits being offered on ebay that look very similar:
  7. Thanks for the insights. They are very small. The are 1 1/2 inches long (4 cms). I suspect too small for stone splitting, unless they are very small stones? I looked into the Yankee drill, but...
  8. PS. just googled a Yankee,and from what I am seeing kine are about half the size (width and length).
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